Gluten spectrum disorder and connections

I recently came across a lecture that was given by a leading researcher in the US. His name is Alessio Fassano. The lecture is about an hour but I became excited as he informed the audience about Coeliac disorder. Coeliac is diagnosed via a colonoscopy, the problem is that the full length of the colon is NOT examined. I recently posted this lecture on the site and have been asked to re-post to the main site. My wife has lead me to do the searching for answers as she suffers from thyroid problems. The link to the lecture is on youtube at the following url.

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  • I used to be on T3 and T4 (6 years ago) I gave up Gluten and started converting Thyroxine properly to T3 so didn't need the T3 anymore, I know this isn't the case for everybody but for me cutting out Gluten was necessary for my thyroid.

    Because of this revelation my medical record states that I am Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitive. Which is becoming a recognised diagnosis (I had all tests for Coeliac previous yo young GF and all were negative)

  • Very pleased to hear of your progress in the right direction. Wish you well.

  • Thank you for posting this link old soldier. Very informative - especially as Hashimoto's runs in our family - interesting Q & A at the end of his talk. I shall be getting his book, 'Gluten Freedom'.

    I've been gluten free for a few months now and find digestive problems have mostly disappeared.

  • Thanks Polaris. I was amazed at just how many conditions are linked but also that they are working on a medication that should help. Maybe not everyone but many. I understand the medication will hopefully be available in a few years.

  • :)

  • Sorry I missed last time you posted ! Will be filing for further use :-) Thank you....

  • Thank you

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