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Hashi's and Gluten Free


I'm just wondering - if you have Hashi's but are negative coeliac, is a gluten free diet still likely to be beneficial? Thanks. Clemmie

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I am negative Coeliac and Hashis, although had symptoms of both for many years.

I have been Gluten free 6 years and no longer have gut problems or hyper. Just Hypothyroid (well controlled when iron at good level)

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Thanks Jessiepup. I don't have gut problems per se although I do have Inflammatory bowel disease but wondered about reducing antibodies. I will ask my doctor to test them and then decide whether to go gluten free. Clemmie

Some people find it v helpful for symptoms and antibodies. I suspect in the future they will find some genetic reason why some non-coeliac people find gluten so disruptive and inflammatory.

Avoiding gluten as a non-coeliac (where by and large - unless you're hugely sensitive - you don't need to worry about an errant crouton or a dusting of flour here and there in the kitchen) was, for me, not difficult. I have been gf for extended periods and it has never made much difference to my ABs, but just doing something for yourself gives you the feeling you're participating in your own recovery, which is always empowering.


This is a link which may be helpful:-


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Thanks for that, Shaws. It's as I suspected, I should really be gluten free! Looks like that's the way ahead. But I think that I will wait to get the antibodies checked first and then I will have a gauge to go by. Most of my cooking is gluten free as my husband and son are coeliac so it will be a bit easier now if I go gluten free too. Anything for an easier life! It's just the giving up of really nice bread that I will find hard! Clemmie

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I am a bread lover too. Just out of the baker's oven, malty, brown and crusty sprinkled with seeds (where I buy it at present). (not UK).

Oh Clemmie you're halfway there already if you have coeliac in the family. You already know how it works.

If it helps, I used to make my own sourdough (tended my own starter, followed sourdough groups online etc) and I didn't miss bread when I went gf. I don't know why. There are so many delicious things to eat in the world, like polenta and mash and roast potatoes and risotto, all of which did stand-in duty for bread for me. I used to love making sauteed mushrooms on toast for dinner, but I found they were just as delicious on polenta.

Try it. You may find it makes no difference to you at all in which case treat yourself to a slice of bread now and again, or you may find you feel loads better, ABs reduced, etc, in which case you won't want to go back.

Good luck.

Thanks, I know that I will have to do this and so I will but I'm going to wait until my holiday is over - we are going to Dubai in September, staying at Jumeirah Beach Hotel where they do awesome gluten free food so I may start before! Clemmie

YES!I tested negative for antibodies but decided to try being Gluten free. The results were amazing - I no longer bloat up and look 7 months pregnant as I did before when I ate gluten , I have lost the "fuzzy thinking" I used to have, and best of all, my craving for sweets, cakes and chocolate! I also take more supplements. Its hard, but worth a try, I would say.

Well, I went gluten-free for a few months and found it made no difference whatsoever.

I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease before I was optimally treated and taking levo. Now I'm on T3 only and a decent dose, and it has disappeared.

Hugs, Grey

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