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Thyroid meds - we deserve a choice!

Both 38 degrees and HM E-petitions have petitions running to ask to give us a choice when it comes to thyroid medications.

I took synthetic thyroxine for years and was never well despite labs being 'normal'. My doctor allowed me to try NDT (natural desiccated thyroxine) from a pig (or sometimes a cow). I am now WELL!

Synthetic thyroxine contains T4. NDT contains T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin... All the hormones we need to feel well.

Many GP's will not prescribe NDT as it is not licensed over here (although it is abroad), but it can be prescribed on a 'named patient' basis. However, the Primary Care Trusts are trying to stop GP's prescribing it... It costs more! This means people buy it from Canada and other countries and self medicate ... Not an avenue I wish to go down if I can help it.

I have been doing some research and so far have found that about 90% of people on synthetic thyroxine continue to have some or lots of symptoms. The figures are reversed for those on NDT and about 90% feel well... (The actual figures aren't with me as I type and they are a little higher than that). This needs to be shouted about!

I am trying to raise the profile of the petitions and this whole issue in general.

If you are willing please sign the petitions and share, share, share... One of them has to reach 100,000 signatures but they NDT of March! Help!

Here are the links:

I also have a thyroid group on facebook where we support each other and continue to try and raise awareness.

Please join us:

Thank you and let's fight for choice!

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Many of us have signed the above and I do hope we reach the necessary numbers.

By the way, just in case you haven't read this very important piece of info as they rarely, if ever, test Free T3 or T3.


I have tried to sign your petition but as I live in France it won't accept my postcode.


Use someone elses! Do you not have friends or relatives in the UK?


wow you have great doc , where Is he-he?


Dorset. :)


o shame...




I have signed both.Well the goverment kept saying that they want patients to take there health into their own hands so here is their chance to listen and let us do this.On the news today they said that they are going to look into getting obese people back to work and if they don't try and help there self than they will get payments stopped.How many of us are over weight (not our fault) and have tried to get rid of the weight ,and if you do lose any when you get your next blood test your levo is lowered (and there is no need to lower it) all the weight loss back on.

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Have signed and shared two more to Facebook vikidev, the other I have signed and shared before.


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