ThyroGold v Nutri Thyroid ??

Hello Chaps,

At the out set of my journey into finding NDT, I had a good look at ThyroGold, which seems OK - Bovine thyroid from New Zealand - the baby of Dr John Lowe - recent posts reminded me! This costs £19.97p converting it from dollars from $32.94 (todays figures)+ shipping costs, etc + some uncertainty about getting it !The capsules are 150gm for 90 caps. On the other hand, Nutri Thyroid, a very well trusted brand are also Bovine Thyroid from New Zealand, are 140gm (only10gm less) and are £11.50 for 90 caps or 20.35 for 180 caps (latest prices) - (don't know about P+P - not much) + no uncertainty about getting them. I think the filler may be slightly different. In terms of for us in the UK, I really can't see much difference, and Nutri are a really good firm. My friend is a nutritionist, and she only uses Nutri. Just a bit of info into the pot!! XX

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Hi Sheenah, I thought you we're taking Erfa. How is it going or have you changed track?

No I haven't changed track - it is just for peoples information only. It is going slowly but one must be patient (Arrggghhhh!) XX

We all have "patience" painted on our hearts!

I don't know how some of you have done it, I am not good with patience, I'm so utterly BORED of being ill and I've only been on this roller coaster since December. I am full of admiration, and so grateful that you all share xx

Hi, I think the answer is that people are patient because they have no choice. 22 years and my daughter is still on her journey, but at least on the right track now. Hang in there - you'll find the answers. Jane x

It makes me so angry, and sad, that this goes on. Yet everyone has still offered their hard won knowledge to me. I am very grateful for that x

Just keep digging and digging, and asking and asking - and most of all keep an open mind and think outside the box. I know you are very active on here so you WILL find your answer.

Jane x

That's cos i have hardly had the energy to leave the house ;-)

Wouldn't normally have the time!

Patience was never one of my virtues, but have had it drilled into me with this awful illness. Janet.

You can get a discount on nutri products too, see the main TUK page :-)

While it is true that Nutri Thyroid does contain SOME thyroid hormone, it actually claims to be hormone free, being a thyroid 'support' treatment:

Thyro-Gold on the other hand, is a Bona Fide thyroid hormone treatment like Armour. The only reason it does not require a prescription is that it was deliberately described as a food supplement so that those who cannot get on with porcine products or cannot get a prescription for thyroid hormone can still obtain it legally.

There is no reason whatsoever to assume that the products have any equivalence whatsoever.

Dr Lowe took great efforts to provide a product that at one and the same time a) did not make any claims that the product was a medicine; b) actually does contain relatively easy to identify amounts of thyroid hormone. His aim appeared to be to provide a product that could be bought as a supplement, but that actually contains hormones.

Nutri make claims, not that their product contains any thyroid hormone, not that it has an indeterminate amount, but that it contains NO thyroid hormone.

Further, any suggestion that the milligrams in one product are in any way related to the milligrams of any other product does not appear to be grounded in reality. I really doubt that someone finding, say, one grain of Thyro-Gold working for them would find one grain of Nutri-Thyroid to be similar in effect.

The trouble is we have had several threads where people have tried to get their heads around the claims of no thyroid hormone made by Nutri as against the effects it has including on blood tests. Nothing seems to quite make sense.


Hi Rod , I am trying out Thyro- Gold at present.(150mg) Interested to know how much thyroid hormones the product contains - i.e. T4 etc. Have tried posting a general Q on Google but didn't yield any info. Many thanks and hope you can enlighten

THYROGOLD, called a “supplement” , was created by the now-deceased John C. Lowe, and his wife currently sells it. Comes in 150 mg and 300 mg tablets. The mgs is NOT equivalent to the same mgs in prescription NDT tablets. i.e. 150 mg may be “similar in effect” to 1 1/4 grains, but that’s a subjective opinion by some. The thyroid powder in the tablets are from New Zealand pasture-fed cows, plus there is 25 mg of Coleus forskohlii, which is said to promote thyroid function. It is a popular OTC product!

*More information on the use of BOVINE for religious reasons here.

Hello All

I placed the post as a matter of interest, not of especial interest to me, but as a topic of discussion -not as a suggestion that one was superior to the other, or that there was anything wrong with ThyroGold. I have in front of me the Nutri catalogue. It says:-

"Thyroid concentrate contains the amino acids required to support healthy function of the Thyroid gland.

. Provides 140 grams of pure thyroid concentrate.

Glandular of bovine source from grass-fed New Zealand cattle."

So how come the "pure thyroid concentrate" does not contain any thyroid hormone ?? With Respect xx

How come indeed. But this is what Nutri claim. I cannot believe that they have a way of removing all thyroid hormone yet still use 100% pure thyroid.

I think they deliberately don't say so that they can keep it as a supplement. There's no 'added hormone' and they don't confirm what levels are in it, so 'hormone free' is sort of technically correct :-D

Just my opinion, of course

Maybe - but they have gone way beyond that. They claim that it contains no thyroid hormones.

This old post may be of some interest (it has been a regular topic):

Do bear in mind that de-fatting is a process that would be done to the thyroid tissue going into prescription dessicated thyroid (otherwise I'd guess it could go horribly rancid). To the best of my understanding, thyroid hormone attaches to proteins rather than fats.


Curiouser and curiouser :-)


I tend to agree with Harry. This is how they manage it over the pond. If it is a supplement it does not need the same licencing presumably. Nutri also produce pituitary glandular - from the same source. Bet we don't get people jumping up and down about that one!!

Has Thyro gold helped anyone?

just about to try it.

108Optimist how did you get on with thyrogold?

Yes, thyrold definitely works to get thyroid hormone up!!!


Good to hear from you. I decided to try Metavive instead which is again animal based and I'm finding that it has suited me a lot better than adding some T3 to T4. Being on T4 alone isn't working for me but there's no reason to say that it won't work for you. Metavive is a lot less potent than ThyroGold and doesn't contain Coleus Forskolii either. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on whether you want to shift some excess pounds. Did you lose any weight on Thyrogold?

Also I recently read that desiccated thyroid supplements contain T4 and T3 etc which is bound in thyroglobulin protein and the school of thought is that its easier to absorb as its a larger molecule and perhaps that's why its better tolerated by some.

However, if you're against anything animal based that might not be helpful for you. All the best!

I wonder if your orthostatic hypotension is related to an adrenal issue? Have you had an adrenal stress profile test to see your levels of cortisol? Perhaps you need adrenal support if your blood pressure falls upon standing? In which case it makes it hard to tolerate thyroid meds and raise doses.

See Step 2:


Take and compare two blood pressure readings—one while lying down and one while standing. Rest for five minutes in recumbent position (lying down, tho some do sitting) before taking the reading. Stand up and immediately take the blood pressure again. If the blood pressure is lower after standing, suspect reduced adrenal gland function, and more specifically, an aldosterone issue–another adrenal hormone. The degree to which the blood pressure drops while standing is often proportionate to the degree of hypoadrenalism.


For me personally weight loss is a long way off by the looks of it. I need to be optimally medicated and that hasn't happened yet. I'd be happy to see the bloating or mucin disappear for a start.

Thank you Serendipitous! I've no doubt there is an adrenal component for me, or probably more an HPT/HPA azis component. Id love to have the diurnal test.

Ill be deleting some of my comments as I prefer the threads that are private to the group, and this one in public. Take care :)

I know this is an age-old thread, but I use Thyro-Gold and my tests are stratospherically better than when I was on Levo...

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