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Bitten the NDT bullet!

Well t'day I woke up & my happy time was well & truly over.. My arms felt like the had been ripped out the sockets ( that's my sign of worse to come )... I opened the bathroom cabinet & reached for the thiroyd tub.. Bit one in half at 7am & went back to bed.. I'm feeling alright at the moment.. Las time I tried 75 Levo & 1/4 grain, that for me was a big mistake, never felt so ill, & my head ooooft.. That made me quite apprehensive to try again.. But I've done it, no headache or horrid sick feeling.. Next 1/2 will be around noon.. HOPE THIS IS IT !! :-)

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I think it will take a little while till you reach a dose which suits you. I am glad you are improving with NDT.


Thank you.. Think it comes down to how u choose to take it.. First time round was the wrong choice for me, but maybe right for others.. Thanks to everyone for the advice! :-)


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