Under active thyroid

I've just looked at the <an online> pharmacy to look at prices for ndt and it states if I am on anti depressants I shouldn't take it. I am on 150mg of sertaline and was wanting to try ndt and if I am ok then gradually come off sertaline. What do you clever people think?

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Not aware of any interactions, after all you are only replacing what the healthy body produces naturally. Should be fine.

assuming that you are diagnosed hypothyroid + on thyroxine btw? :)

Yes on thyroxine 14 years now.

Thank you

Sandcastle, SSRIs can affect absorption and uptake of thyroid meds if you start taking SSRIs when you are on an optimal dose of thyroid meds. As you are already on SSRIs and thinking of trying NDT you'll dose NDT until symptoms resolve so shouldn't have any problems.

Do you take levothyroxine?

Yes 100mg but very tired, dry skin etc etc

Ask GP to reduce levo to 50mcg and add 20mcg of T3. If he has prescribed anti-d's because you maybe kept complaining or he told you you were depressed. This is a link which might be self-explanatory and maybe send a copy to your GP before your appointment which might help him prescribe.



(for the above link it is free to join).

Ask GP for a 3 month trial then you can consider NDT if you don't feel any benefit.

Sorry about that

I'm on ser traline and 300 mg thyroxine

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