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EU cross border prescriptions

Has anyone got any knowledge or experience of EU cross border prescriptions? I am particulalrly thinking about their issue by the NHS in England - the part of the UK I live in - but would be interested more generally.

NHS prescriptions can be presented in other EU countries but these cross border prescriptions might be able to overcome issues more readily.

Presenting a prescription abroad

A prescription delivered by a doctor in your country is valid in all EU countries. However, medicine prescribed in one country might not be available in another, or it may bear another name.

As of 25 October 2013 you are able to ask for a cross-border prescription which is intended for use in another EU country: these are designed to help the pharmacist understand the prescription easily, the ingredients of the medicine and their dosage.

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Not so many years ago, 28 tablets of 20 micrograms liothyronine were about GBP 12. Now it is close to GBP 200 (towards EUR 250).

There is no justification for this.

If I were suitably knowledgeable about pharmaceutical business, law and had enough money, I would be very, very tempted to apply for the licences needed to import some of the non-UK makes officially.


That's a great idea to apply for a licence 


Yes - we have seen the astronomic rise mentioned and others.

Group import would be, unfortunately, illegal.

We can import for ourselves and members of our household. Anything else requires adherence to various laws, permits, licences, etc.

This very forum is asked every day for places to order from.


Dallas buyers club, anyone? ;)


Think about this before voting for BREXIT!

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Ha...  If we stay in will we be brought into line with other countries then?   Like France where Ndt is illegal?  And  Ireland where you cannot import anything?    

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Contrariwise, I think.

Indeed, I am fairly sure that implementation of the EU cross border prescription at least implies we are all free to buy from any EU country with a prescription. Obviously, if it is illegal to issue a prescription in France for desiccated thyroid, then anyone wanting some will have to ensure it is prescribed elsewhere - but maybe France will not be able to deny entry to it if posted?

Scotland has a bit of detail:

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