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Anyone tried Triyotex?

I got an email from my usual Cynomel supplier stating they still can't get hold of it but are selling Triyotex T3 75mcg caps instead.

I'm currently taking 50mcg and I think I could safely experiment with a higher dose. I was just wondering if anyone else (particularly anyone else who has been on Cynomel) can let me know what they thought of it?

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75mcg is a surprisingly high dose for a single capsule. Since they are capsules rather than tablets how would you go about splitting them if you needed to?


Apparently they are slow release. I don't know if that would make the jump in dose easier to take? I tried googling safe doses of T3 but mainly got links to bodybuilding websites!


No, sorry, they aren't slow release or time release. I'm curious where you read that? I can't find anything like that on the box or the information on any site.

I've been taking for a long time, and not time released according to my sources.


I don't know personally anything about the above, but I believe it is slow-release T3. This is a link but be very careful if purchasing as there are some very shady websites offering products. Always take a recommendation before your try anything.


This is an excerpt from the above link:-

So much easier to take tiny doses!

Open one Triyotex capsule, count the tiny white beads and divide by 75 to work out how many mcg per bead.

Chew one of the tiny beads thoroughly every x hours for dose of 1 mcg or less per hour during day for 3 days.

Take small cynoplus dose at bed time.

Monitor temps and heart rate.

Titrate Triyotex up every few days till good temps and heart rate ...


(by the time you do this you might well have recovered :) )


Gentleorange, increasing from 50mcg to 75mcg in one increment is a helluva dose increase. Slow release may mean you don't experience peaks after ingestion but doesn't make it safer to overdose.

It would be better to try other sources for Cynomel or other brands of T3.


I've read of some people who tried slow-release and found that it was unbearable if over-dosed - because with straight T3 you start to feel over-dosed, reach a peak, then it eventually fades away, whereas with slow release you can stay over-dosed for much longer. But also have seen people who absolutely loved slow release. (Not personal experience - I do not take T3.)


Hi, I'm in the same boat as many people here, unable to get Cynomel which I've been taking for years and looking at trying Triyotex in the interim. Currently I take 25 mcgs of Cynomel every four hours, four times a day and I'm wondering if the Triyotex is supposed to be time release for all day? If it will end up being the equivalent of taking three of my usual doses and maybe I can supplement what Cynomel I have left in lower doses while I wait for it to (hopefully) become available again?

Has anyone else experience with switching over and figuring out doses? Any info would be appreciated.


I'm struggling to find the correct dose if I go by temperature and how I feel I've been on 75mgc 7am then up to 40mgc during the day and another 75 bedtime not feeling well but on the hypo side still so confused what to do now


You are more likely to get a useful response by posting a new post - than a response on a 9-month old thread.

That is a LOT of T3.


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