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Tiromel from Turkey

Could anyone tell me if they have used or are still using Tiromel from Turkey. My partner is out there at the moment and I have asked him to purchase some for me. I currently take the Mexican Cynomel which I have found good (Dr Lowe says it is the purest form of T3). It is just that it is a lot cheaper. Any views, comments would be grateful of your feedback. Thank you. Also anyone who is using Cynomel (from Mexico), I would be interested in any feedback from you also. Many thanks.

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I used both Cynomel (mexican) and Tiromel and got on ok with both.

Tiromel does not tell you the inactive ingredients, they are not on the leaflet, so it's ok if you are like me (ie: do not react to fillers/inactive ingredients).

I currently take NHS T3 and that is also ok for me

you won't know unless you try it :)


NBD, do you know what is in the mexican T3? I seem to have a rash which has got worse the more I take, I can't pinpoint it to anything else. It is driving me crazy, and if it IS the T3 I am devastated because I am so well on T3 - and I KNOW my GP will dismiss out of hand prescribing it on the NHS. Alternatively, is there a version which is hypoallergenic?


hi marram, can't remember and I am at work on my lunch break but will look it up, from memory the mexican does 'not' have lactose but 'may' have cornstarch in it. You could try tiromel, it is quite cheap :)


I have no idea of the truth of this but it does have a better pedigree than some sources!

Mexican Cynomel Ingredients - The List

This is from a pharmacist at Valeant Pharmaceuticals who is the US partner for

Grossman. Here is the site if you'd like to have look.

I asked for an official letter or an email with the ingredients spelled out and

she said it would have to go for approval etc so I said, never mind and she just

told me the ingredients.

Hope it helps in some way. I will double post to the adrenals list since people

there have talked about Cynomel too.


Corn Starch

Calcium Sulfate Dehydrate

Sugar glass


Sterate acid powder


Ethyl alcohol

Purified water

Note: I asked her what sugar glass was and she had no idea just reading what

info she got.



Thanks for that nobodysdriving my partner has just got back from Turkey and has purchased 10 boxes for me so I hope that I will get on alright with them. They are 25mcgs. How many did you take?


ooooohhhh I wouldn't like anyone to take me as an example of how much T3 I take :D I take 180mcg daily LOL


Yep,. Currently using it - bought from Cyprus. Only use a very low dose and can't compare with anything else as it's all I've used.



I was using NHS T3 until the shortage - then got some from Crete, and also Cynomel from Mexico, so well stocked now! I get on fine with them all.


Im about to start taking the Tiromel from Cyprus. Its cheaper and arrives quicker than Mexico which was important for me at this time.

Im told its a bit stronger than Cynomel. Does anyone know if thats correct before I start taking it.\


I have Tiromel from Turkey and I did not find it as strong as the Cynomel from Mexico. About on par with NHS.

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Hi there Marmaris...I've just bought Tiromel from Cyprus, haven't tried it yet, hoping it works for me, be interested in how much you paid for this in Turkey, I'm going there soon...many thanks


I emailed the company that makes Tiromel. The excipients are:

Tiromel contains;

· Lactose,

· Polivinil pirolidone

· Magnesium stearate

· Starch

I hope this answer is enough for you.

Kind regards,

Murat Yaycı

Medikal Direktör

Medical Director


T. 0 212 366 85 44

M. 0 533 292 02 95

F. 0 212 286 10 37


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