Anyone else put weight on since being on Cynomel?

Hi all

I was on 25mcg of Uni Pharma T3 from Greece but we all know what happened there! I went into 25mcg of Cynomel which I got from Mexico. Since I have been on the Cynomel I've put on 7lbs and I've been on them for a good 2 months.. my T4 is still 100mcg and I haven't changed that brand.

Has anyone else experience this?

Thanks :)

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  • Did you post your latest thyroid results recently ? Sorry have not had time to read all your posts. I see you have low ferritin issues which could affect how the T4 is converting into T3. Maybe absorption issues ??

  • Hi Marz

    I last saw the Endo in March and should have been seeing her again in September but there was a mess up at the hospital and I never received my appointment letter. I am now not seeing the Endo till the end of the year. I had my Ferritin levels checked by my GP and I'm now on three tablets instead of 2 as my levels were at 24 when I want them over 70 to stop my hair failing out. Do you think my Ferritin could be the reason for my weight gain due to poor conversation and it's not the change of T3 brand?

    Thanks as always for your thoughts.

  • Just spotted your reply to me by chance on the News Feed - don't forget to click the Green Reply Button beneath the poster you wish to alert :-)

    Yes I read about your Ferritin in another of your posts - but still we are waiting for the Folate - B12 - VitD results - all need to be optimal. Have you had them tested ? I think others have asked in earlier posts too :-)

    Sorry cannot help with the weight gain - there could be one of many reasons and without the FT4 and the FT3 results we cannot see how well you are converting. This can also be a cause of weight gain. A test would indicate the effectiveness of the current T3 if you are able to compare it with earlier testing whilst on UniPharma ....

  • Sorry I'm using my phone and sometimes I think I've hit the right reply button when I haven't.... I take B12 supplements daily and I had my Folate checked a few years ago and that was fine.... I must admit I haven't tested my Vit D for a long time and do not take any supplements for that.

    I've just got an appointment with the Endo for the 13th October so hopefully will find out then what my levels currently are.

  • How much B12 are you taking and which brand ? Do you also take a B complex to keep all the B's in balance as Folate/Folic Acid works with B12 in the body ! Telling us your Folate result is fine rarely cuts the mustard - was that the GP's opinion ? - did you see the actual result ? It needs to be halfway in the range. things may have changed after a few years !

    Are you tested for all the above-mentioned prior to seeing the Endo or are they done at the hospital ? Wouldn't it make sense to have the tests before you see the Endo so the results can be discussed at the appointment. What are you hoping to achieve with the Endo ? - is he a thyroid savvy one - or she ??

    VitD is anti-inflammatory - and needed in every cell of your body - also a steroidal pro-hormone - so needs to be at a good level. You can have the test done privately through City Assays in Birmingham - in the post ....

  • I take Thorne Basic B Complex and 5000mcg of Jarrows B12 Methyl which I put under my tongue. I had my serum folate tested in Feb 2016 and it was 7 ug/L and the range was ( 2.7 - 15.0) and yes it was my old crappy GP who told me my folate was fine, but I got rid of him when he told me I needed CBT as my thyroid issues were in my head!

    I'm having my Ferritin, TSH, FT3 and FT4 tested prior to my Endo appointment.

    Yes I do think she is one of the better ones out there.

    I do need to get my Vit D tested again. I do have some Vit D tablets but think I need to be tested first before I take them :)

  • Everything sounds great. Hope all goes well with the Endo - you sound as if you are doing really well on your own ! Good idea to have VitD re-tested ... Once you are happy with your Ferritin I am sure all will be tickety boo 😊 Once you have your results for T3 you will be able to see if there is room to increase ....

  • I'm worried as my TSH was 0.01 and they have told me if it goes to 0 then I have to decrease my meds even if my FT3 is okay..... the battle is never ending and I'm seeing a different NHS Endo

  • Sadly the TSH is rarely relevant when taking thyroid hormones - the FT3 is the most important test ....

  • Yep completey agree.... just wish they too would see that :(

  • Ask on the Forum for the Research papers to back it all up :-)

  • Thanks :)

  • Also click onto diogenes and then his Posts. Scroll through and you may find something to match your needs 😊

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