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What tests should I ask for?

After taking advice on here I managed to get a different prescription as I seemed to have a reaction to a different brand. Thankfully the itching has eased with some help of some strong antihistamines. Although now seem to be getting a lot more aches and pains with these?

Im due to call my surgery in the next few weeks to go back for my third set of blood tests after being diagnosed. People have suggested asking to be tested for b12, vit d, ferritin and folate. Can I just call up and ask for this to be included or will I end up having to see the doctor first? Really dont want to waste any time as I have to leave work etc . tia. X

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Maddy,Why not email or telephone your practice to ask whether the vitamin tests can be added to your thyroid bloods order or whether you need an appointment with the GP to request the tests.

Aches and pains may mean you need a higher dose.


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