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latest thyroid results, what do this mean?

My new results are...

total thyroxine 91 (59-154)

tsh 1.19 (0.27-4.2)

free thyroxine 14.7 (12.0-22.0)

free t3 5.2 (3.1-6.8)

thyroglobulin 71.9 (0-115)

thyroid peroxidase 33.5 (0-34)

My antibodies was out of range last time, going by this do it mean I don't have hashi's no more?

The private specialist I went to see wanted a up to date thyroid test before putting me on armour, does this mean I won't need it now?

Currently on no meds for thyroid, taking b12 injections every other day, folic acid, and vitD

thanks in advance for any input :)

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According to the circadian study where blood was sampled every hour for 24 hours in healthy people, your results are smack in the middle of excellent.


Must have to give up on thinking my problems are thyroid related


They still could be. Maybe you have hashimotos - an autoimmune thyroid disease. That means that your antibodies wax and wane. Look on the left-hand side for more info on this link:


I had both antibodies high last time.


Nichola, if you went gluten-free or made other dietary changes that can reduce Hashi antibodies. I doubt anyone will prescribe Armour on your current results which don't indicate thyroid problems.


My thyroid levels fluctuate a lot, one minute I'm usually heading hyper then the next hypo, the specialist I see goes by my symptoms rather than blood work


Your antibodies may have reduced, but you still have Hashi's, that's why your thyroid levels fluctuate.


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