Visit to endo was a waste of time!!

Hi all

after my daughter having an under active thyroid for 12 years & is feeling so exhausted, extremely cold, brain fog etc all common thyroid symptoms i was hoping seeing an endo for the first time we might be on the road to recovery. After peoples kind advice on here advising that her TSH was to high ,B12 , vitamind too low, ferritin etc but not according to the endo all blood tests were in range so thats that!!!!

He suggested maybe she'd had glandular fever in the past, maybe she had chronic fatigue, or maybe it was her adenoids.

I did get quiet angry & told him he was wasting my time if he would only look at the TSH results & not the symptoms but he said it defiantly wasn't her thyroid

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How frustrating for you! It's awful when patients are treated this way. Has your daughter never had her T4 and T3 tested? I can only see TSH in your last post. It might be worth considering paying for a private blood to get to the bottom of this. TSH is useless in its own. I'm so sorry you are not getting the help needed for your daughter. Maybe a change of GP also?

No as far as i'm aware T3 & T4 have never been done thanks for your suggestion. I have been recommended a really good private endo by a work colleague who said she wish she'd gone 20 years ago. So thats my next step.

Sorry about the visit to the Endo. Do read the posts again from your thread a month ago. There is enough advice there for you to take things into your own hands on behalf of your daughter. I even mentioned that you should not get your hopes raised. Sadly we read it here many many times.

Do ask for more advice when you have had a read - if you need it that is.... :-)

Thanks Marz i will look back at your recent advice see what else i can do, nice to know i always have support on here.

...not just mine - others too. It is a journey of learning for ourselves. Information enables us to ask the correct questions of those that should know....

It's a pity Dr Skinner died as he did say in his book that sometimes grandular fever could cause a thyroid gland dysfunction. It's a pity doctors are not trained in clinical symptoms any more for diagnosing - they can always use the blood tests for clarification but they don't always fit the bill.

He fought against the guidelines which seem to be paramount at present rather than the patients' illnesses. and this is a link for information.

I think you have to take your daughter's health into both your hands. If you can afford a private consultation, email for a list of sympathetic doctors.

Thank you after reading the link Dr Skinner does sound perfect for my daughter. I have decided to try a private endo who has been highly recommended & i will find the money somehow.

I feel for you but this seems typical. In fact the norm rather than the exception 😤

Very frustrating though Churchie.

Hi Southdale90, what are the initials of this endo, and was he recommended by anyone?

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