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After having my Levo raised to 100mcg 4 weeks ago.. The fog has lifted & feeling slightly better.. I have my thai thiroyd & armour in the cupboard waiting to begin after my vitamin D test comes back & work on the results if needed.. I'm not sure if I should choose the Thai thiroyd or armour.. Swaying towards the thiroyd as its less expensive.. 1000 grains for the same price of 100 grains of armour... Should I choose the armour to begin with????

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  • Why are you considering switching to NDT if you are seeing an improvement on Levothyroxine? Just curious.x

  • It's only my head that actually improves.. The body aches & holds me back.. Its a cycle with Levo .. Feel better for a short time, the fog comes back, then the coldness comes & the aches & tiredness.. You get to know the routine well!!!

  • Yes. I'm still only on 50 LEVO and struggling. I was on NDT but had to switch back.

  • Why did u have to switch back if u don't mind me asking??

  • I did very well on ERFA thyroid but last year something happened to the formlula and it went belly up for me. I tried other NDT's like naturethroid, WP thyroid and Armour and could not tolerate them.

    It has been a miserable 6 months but I am slowly raising my Levo which is painstaking because of the psychological effects it gives me. But im winning or least determined to win! My GP inches it up. We are learning together which is quite a rare thing. I realise that. Each day is hard. I cry a lot, panic, seek solace in this community and persuade myself that things will improve. I've had a taste of what true health felt like on ERFA and I shall strive to regain it again on Levo.

    I don't post every day here because it would be too depressing for people! But I read other people's posts every day.

    It may take the entire year to raise to the required dosage but it will happen. I am Central hypothyrood and hashimotos. It's quite an unusual combination!

  • Awe man.. Sorry to hear that & I hope u get to be where u need to be with Levo!!! 8-)

  • joesmum, you are two a low dose, I believe, to make you feel much better.

    Read the question dated on the following link:


  • Hi Shaws,

    Yes, it's early days for me. I was one of those who could never take levo and so always used NDT. I regained my health on ERFA THYROID until it went belly up with bad batches and have never found relief on other NDT's. In November 2014 I switched back to levo and started at 12.5mcgs. It is beyond a miracle that I am now tolerating 50mcgs! Hurrah!!! I never thought I'd see the day. My GP is being very supportive ( I've got a new one!)

    But yes you're right 50 mcg's is not enough and I shall soon be raising to the heady heights of 62.5 mcgs!!! It is slow but I am also a suffer of Myxoedema madness and the raise has to be very slow otherwise the psychosis kicks in. I cannot tell you how frightening that is. Slow and steady is the key for me and of course the support from this site which has been a source of magnificent comfort. No one will ever know just how much.


  • Rudeboy,

    I would suggest you make a choice and stick to it. It's not a good idea to switch between this or that. The first thing is to make a firm choice either due to price or convenience of purchase.

    It takes a while to get to a dose that makes you feel well maybe some months. If you do feel well, there's not point in changing. On the other hand if you finally find that you have no relief then try the other one.

  • I wouldn't say I'm well.. Just the fog has lifted as has my mood.. I know it won't last long, it never does.. I've always been a hairdressers nightmare because of the volume of hair that I had.. It's all been falling out recently, so I had my hair dreadlocked & now the bloody dreadlocks are falling out.. I still run out of any energy that I may have very quickly, like the batteries have run out.. I'm 4-5st over weight.. I go so cold It hurts when I try to move.. I feel like I can't get a good big inhalation of air.. My skin is like elephant skin & I draw eyebrows on even when Im staying at home.. I came home from work Friday to find my 68 yr old working mam cleaning my house.. I'm only just holding it together.. So I see NDT as something I have to try, to be a mum who doesn't collapse after I finish my shift everyday.. My boys need their mam back & it's not easy to hear that from them... :-(

  • I am hoping that NDT does the trick and you recover your health. Fingers crossed :)

  • Hope so.. My short feeling better period is coming to an end soon.. My arms are getting heavy again.. That's when I know it's about to end... thanks shaws!!

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