Does anyone know of a good endo near Worcester please?

Has anyone been to a good endo near Worcester? My daughter's GP wrote to one of the local ones for confirmation that he was doing the right thing not prescribing thyroxine for her on her symptoms! Her blood test results were borderline and I was asking for a trial. The endo wrote back that he was absolutely doing the right thing!! The GP wouldn't say who the endo was! Both my daughter and I need to see an endo so I would appreciate any comments please


Liz :-)

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  • If you email who has a list and one may be near you.

  • Thanks shaws but I've done that and there isen't anyone recommended except for one in Hereford where they said he was pleasant but no other comments!

  • That's a pity. Maybe you will have to travel. I and many travelled to see Dr Skinner from all over the country. Unfortunately for us, he died two years ago (and I am sure it was caused by the stress of being repeatedly called before the GMC and it wasn't his patients who complained).

    I hope a member can advise of a sympathetic person whom you can rely upon.

  • If he won't tell you who he wrote to are you quite sure he really did write to an endo and didn't just say that he did?

  • It's always possible but my daughter has just moved to a new practice so I'm going to ask if they can tell me! 😄

  • Good luck. You / she could always say you can't remember the endo's name.

  • That's true 😄

  • Hello...sorry can't help with your question...but I am looking for one in Hereford and you mentioned Hereford...wou

    D you mind telling me who it was? Thank you. Hope you find someone.

  • He was on the list I received from Louise, administrator at thyroid UK.

    Liz 😄

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