Does anyone know a good endo around the Manchester area?


I've now had my blood results and have had a good response in a previous blog about these, but my next step now is to find a good endocrinologist before i go back to my GP and ask to be referred. I'm doing some research myself on the internet to find one, but if anyone has got someone they have been to who seems to understand our issues that would be so helpful?

Many Thanks in anticipation!

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Dr George at Trafford hospital is good, a friend of mine sees him and he was a gentleman even when she was in tears, wrote Everything she said, and took her seriously.

Ann xx

thanks so much, will put him on my list to research on the internet



Dr Younis and Professor Trainer at Wythenshawe Hospital are brilliant.

Thanks - I'll put them on my research list. Hopefully if I manage to get a few names I should be able to be referred to one of them?

I went for Wythenshawe as the waiting list was weeks rather than months. Good luck.

Thanks, I've made an appointment with my GP for next week and will ask him to refer me. How does the process work for referral, do I just ask my doctor to refer me to a specific endo and will he oblige? Do i have to contact the endo first to see if he would take me? Really hope my GP goes along with it and doesn't put obstacles in my way?

You can ask you GP to refer you to an endo. He may want a reason. If he refuses, stick to your guns. Just ask your GP to refer you to all available hospitals. If its anything like Stockport, you should get a fair choice. They will then send you a log in number and you can then book your hospital appointment on line and get the appointment/consultant you want. Let me know if you get stuck or your GP doesnt refer you. I had to nag somewhat before i was refered!!

Cheers, i will and I've got my list of endo's now to take in with me thanks to you and ChemicalAngel. What a fab site this is!

Your welcome. I know how frustrating it can be!!

Yeah! been to GP y'day and he's agreed to refer me to endo. He still didn't agree with me re thyroid problem and said as my TSH level(0.56) was fine there was nothing to worry about (t3 and t4 levels not checked) I pointed out that I'm VitD deficient (12) and that my Vit b12 (288) could do with being higher for someone with an underactive thyroid, so I would like to have someone look at hormone and vitamin levels .... and lo and behold he agreed to write me a referral letter. So excited!

Brilliant news. When i saw Dr Younis he put me forward for what felt like a zillions tests. Im due back at the end of the month for more advice. Good luck

I'm leaning towards Dr Trainer (for absolutely no solid reason) but will go with whoever of them I can get in with first! Thanks so much

Your more than welcome. Dr Trainer has a good reputation and has wriiten quite a few books and reports. The reason i have Dr Younis is because i am also diabetic. Again, good luck.

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