Does anyone know of a good Endo down here in Dorset?

According to my GP my blood tests are now within the normal range and my dose of Levothyroxine is 150mcg. He feels this is now satisfactory. However I feel no different. I still have numb tingling hands, legs and arms that feel as if lead weights are attached and a slight wobble when I walk. Not that I can walk far these days I am too exhausted. My shin rash is less red but as itchy as ever and my arms and head itch all the time. After crying down the phone at my GP he has now referred me to an endocrinologist ....but I am not hopeful.

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  • I'm in Dorset..... I've not found a good one down here.. in fact I have renamed the one I saw and I refer to him as Guilderoy Lockheart after the Harry Potter character . He was immaculately dressed and checked his looks and hair about every 30 seconds. He also spoke on the phone to someone else for most of the consultation and then was completely distracted. he let me stay on T3 though because he said it was a placebo. In fact he agreed to double up the dose as it was just a placebo.....

    PM me for the name... you don't want to waste your time....

    The numb tingling hands and feet.... B!2, B12, B12.... what level are you? this is a classic sign.....


  • I take mega B12. There are only two Endo's listed down here, so he has to be one of them!

  • Hi Galathea

    Could you pm me the name of this chap to avoid! My Gp is about to refer me and I don't want to waste my time as you say.



  • I'm in Dorset too! I wouldn't recommend mine saw him once then discharged!! Still feeling tired and achy and had another bout of thyroditis!!

  • In a tearing hurry but will get back later.... Your shins.... Not pre tibial myexodema is it? Google for pictures.....


  • Yes ptm - prescribed cortizoids but no effect. Given up with these and now use a manuka gel which calms it down. Nothing cures it completely.

    I feel I am not responding to levothyroxine so what are my options, if any. I want to see this consultant with as much info as possible about what alternative treatments are available. I have been on this treatment since October, surely now there should be some sign of improvement!

  • I have seen a sympathetic endocrinologist at Salisbury District Hospital, if you can Choose and Book to there?

    Good Luck

  • Hi zarjaz

    Any chance you could pm me with the name of this chap. There are two at sailsbury and I'd like to know which one it was that you saw? Already have to travel some way to get there but noone is able to suggest anyone in Dorset.



  • Hi zarjaz

    Has taken me a week to get set up and logged into this blog. I'm really interested in getting up to Sailsbury to see this endo you mention. However, there are two working there and I don't know which one to ask for. Is it the one that also does private work at the New Hall or the one that is NHS only? Really need this info as soon as poss if you could help.

  • I know this a very old thread but I have been referred to an endo by my gp & I wondered where our choose to go. I'm in Dorset too. Any requests of consultants I should avoid. Please pm me if you'd prefer. I don't be very grateful of any advice.

  • Hi have you had any luck? I have only seen my doctor so far but plan on insisting I see an enfo

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