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Update on T3 supplies from Mexico

Hi There

I couldn't sleep this morning so got up early and found an e-mail in from my usual T3 supplier in Mexico, who has been sending me e-mails along the lines of, thank-you for your order, problems supplying, will ship at the end of January. I've copied their latest e-mail below:

We are in dire need to notify you that Cytomel 25 mmg. is out of stock not only in México City but throughout the country; as our customer we feel obligated to give an explanation for this unfortunate situation.

The reason that our supplier given us, which is the producer of this medication, is the following…

· The production plant where the laboratory responsible for the implementation and quality control of this product was in relocation process due to administrative reasons, the new plant is already operating but for health regulation reasons, the estimated day for dispensing this product is in April.

Furthermore we would like to mention that we have established contact with Medix Lab, who can provide us T3 @ 75 mmg.(spanish name Triyotex) at a very competitive price and We are able to supply the order immediately with this medication, giving you a 30% more product as compensation for this terrible situation

We deeply regret any inconvenience this may cause, but unfortunately is beyond our control and we can assure we'll notify you as soon as we have the availability of this product.

My question is, does anyone know anything about the quality control and potency of Triyotex T3 from Medix labs? Who are Medix Labs, where are they based? 75 mg tablets wouldn't be much good to me anyway, as I take mine in doses of 25 mg, occasionally splitting in half, if I need a little more or less.

Are there any other reliable T3 suppliers out there that do supply 25mg tablets? Please PM me if you know of any, as my supply is getting very low.


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I had the same email,75mcg is far to much for me I couldn't split it ,I replyed asking for refund .


I quote a previous reply of mine re Triyotex from about two years ago:

I am NOT familiar with it.

Searching on it appears to be available in (make, country) :

Medix, Costa Rica; Medix, Dominican Republic; Medix, Guatemala; Medix, Honduras; Medix, Mexico; Medix, Panama; Medix, El Salvador

That suggests it is central American rather than from Spain. Which would be why I have found it listed as a product of this company:

(Horrible website.)

Oddly, they list it as an anti-obesity product rather than metabolic.

Some other sites seem to say that it is a slow release form. And that would explain the large dose form of 75 mcg.



[ The link to Medix no longer works - nor could I find another page on their site which refers to Triyotex. Have left the original link because I have nothing better to put in its place! ]


A Google translate link to more information - which confirms it is slow release:


Thank-you for the info Rod.


Thanks for the update sickandtiredgirl.


Triyotex is good and dependable. As 75mcg capsules, they aren't breakable into smaller doses.


Hi parafluie. Could you please pm me a supplier in Europe where I can buy tryotex/ cynomel without prescription. Than you!


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