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Hi guys,

I have been ordering T3 from Mexico for the last 7 years I put in an order about 5 weeks ago but had not received goods so e mailed them - they have now come back saying that they are changing their payment to something called "Bitcoin" and that I need to register with that - I have looked at the Bitcoin website but must admit I am a bit concerned about it - has anybody heard of this payment arrangement?

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I've heard of it but have no idea how or where to register for it. An increasing number of sites are offering Bitcoins as a payment method now that MasterCard and Visa are withdrawing merchant services to online pharmacies which don't register with FDA Legitscript.

Didn't the pharmacy take payment for the order you placed 5 weeks ago?

By so doing, they are encouraging customers to investigate alternatives. If you successfully use bitcoin for these medicines, you might well choose to use it for other purposes. Is this in the interests of Visa & Mastercard?

British Rail used to be a common carrier - they had to transport anything they were able to. They could not refuse on grounds of "we don't want to handle medicines". I feel the time has come for governments to crack down on the power of the big merchant service providers.

(There is just one sort-of let out clause - the buyer protection issues. Specifically credit card issuers do have an argument up to a point with this. But not debit card or paypal or Western Union and similar.)

Havew you ever seen a bank refuse to let you write a cheque? Or a treasury/national bank say you cannot use one of their notes?


It's getting hard to transact with online pharmacies.

NatWest refused to let a member make an intnl. bank transfer payment to Montenegro.

PayPal's t&cs have always prohibited use of PP to sell or buy prescription meds. MCard and Visa prohibition is more recent.

WU and MoneyGram have refused to send a payment when members have said the payment receiver is not known to them personally.

Clutter - last year I used my NatWest account to make a payment to Montengro via a local branch. Mind you the transaction cost over £30, gulp!!


Yes, charges are extortionate, nevertheless NatWest refused to send money for another member recently.

Clutter - were the bank aware of what the money was for? Any idea on what basis they refused? Thanks!

Edit: I remember other members using high street banks for transfers to that country and they certainly paid a lot less in charges than I did!


No idea!

Thanks Clutter. I'm just relieved there's no NHS/BTA conspiracy going on!!

Nat West and RBS will not make payments to any bank in Montenegro as they are considered to be a 'high risk' banking region (light blue touch paper...........)

An in-office discussion here pointed out that the value of bitcoins is very volatile - within very short time periods.

So, be careful that you do not buy at a high - and use for purchase at a low value.

I think I know which pharmacy you're talking about. I setup accounts with Bitcoin websites after painful verification process of documents. In the end, I got so intimidated by the prospect of buying/selling bitcoin and not knowing how to that I quit and ended up getting a relative to send a US check. That worked. But I have not received the shipment yet. I live in the Middle East currrenly.

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