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Thyroid results

Thyroid results

I got my results for tsh 1.25

I've been struggling with losing weight through trying, dry skin, hair falling out, fatigue, nails keep breaking. I'm on 150mg thyroxine, she has upped me to 175mg To see if that helps.

I asked about testing for t3 and t4

But she said, they don't do it because it proves nothing, the results are all in the tsh.

Last year I saw a endocrinologist, they done some bloods

Serum tsh 1.13

Serum t4 15

Thyroid peroxidase 4 iu/ml ( not sure what that is?)

Will upping my dose by 25mg help?

Here are some other blood test results but I really don't understand them.

Many thanks for reading

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You may have to have some private tests done to see if you're converting. If you're not converting you might do better on a little t3 as well as t4. Or maybe you're resistant - ? Do you have the ranges for the thyroid tests? Without the ranges I'm just guessing but your t4 from the earlier test seems very low.

Your tsh could be better. You should be allowed to get it down below 1 to see if your symptoms are relieved.

The test for thyroid peroxidase is to see if you have antibodies (a positive test indicates an autoimmune thyroid problem called Hashimoto's disease).

What does your gp hold accountable for how you feel? And what is the plan if the higher dose doesn't relieve your symptoms?


Hi thanks for replying, the range is for tsh 0.27-4.2 mU/L

T4 pmol/L 10-24

I can only wait until they do another blood test in 8 weeks, to see if they will do something else ....

From the results of the peroxidase I assume that is negative ?


I assume so but it depends on whether or not it is within range. It isn't uncommon to see it in three figures (mine is usually in the 300-500 range) so my guess is that 4 is negative.

Your t4 is sort of limp, but we both know that your t3 result would tell you more. My experience is that if it is low, you will feel awful. At least they are raising your dose, so you can have a go at seeing if the higher dose makes you feel better.

I guess if my gp said that my thyroid was being well-treated and was not the cause of my symptoms, I'd want to know to what they are attributing them. And I'd want to know the plan for what would happen if they don't improve.

If you can lay out the cash for a private t3 test, you might learn more.

Keep plugging away. You'll get there in the end. :-)


She is talking rubbish t4 and t3 are absolutely vital




vit d3

have not been done and they are vital and MUST ALL BE HALFWAY in their ranges otherwise your body is unable to utilise the levothyroxine

tsh changes because all that happens is reverse t3 is produced and causes a toxic situation in the body

there plenty of research to back this up on or do a google scholar search


If your GP could add some T3 you might feel better. If you email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article by Dr Toft ex President of the BTA. Highlight question 6 and ask for a trial of T3 (I have been told that the 10mcg he recommends is 'out of date' and it should be 20mcg for 50mcg of T3. It works for many. Read the first question on this link too. There are also other topics at the top of the page which may interest you. (Some links within may not work as it is archived).


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Thanks everyone... I will try and get a t3 test done privately, see what comes of that, then go back to my gp and see what more I can do. Thanks for all the links as well, very useful info and a lot to read,

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Before you go down the private route, it is sometimes worth trying another GP at your surgery (if you have a choice). Some know more about the thyroid and some are more willing to listen to the patient.


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