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Private Thyroid Test Results

I have received private test results back and the comments on the sheet are:

T4= 81.0

TSH= 0.951

FrT4= 13.0

FrT3= 5.4


Rev T3= 0.25

Secondary or Tertiary Hypothyroidism POSSIBLE due to anterior pituitary or hypothalmic hypofunction. The likelihood increases if serum triglycerides are elavated (>4.52) and the total cholesterol levels are increased (>6.22).

I showed this to my gp, said I had many of the symptoms of Hypo and 5 close female members in my family with both hyper and hypo thyroidism, but she wasn't having any of it. She decided to tests for my ovaries as I am always tired lack concentration and cold etc.

Looks like my only choice is to find the money to go private and see someone who has some knowledge? I don't really understand the results though?

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Could you give the ranges with these results please. They will be in brackets next to the results. Ever lab has different ranges so for someone to answer you with any accuracy they need ranges as well.

Moggie x


Hi, the ranges as follows.

T4 = 81.0 (58-154)

TSH = 0.951 (0.4-4.0)

FrT4 = 13.0 (10.22)

FrT3 = 5.4 ( 2.8-6.5

FT4 : FT3 = 2.4 (2.0-4.5)

Rev T3 = 0.25 (0.14-0.54)

Genova did the test results.




My GP also ignored the private tests that I had done.

Which company did you use?? I used Blue Horizon Medicals, the link from the Thyroiduk website x

Ann xxx


Genova Diagnostics, also linked on the Thyroid web page.

Lindy x


It may not have been that your GP ignored these results, bu that they 'read' the results as 'normal' because your TSH and T4 are within the range dictated to them as 'normal'.....

I was rather appalled when I read the Royal College of Physician's "guidance" (I put guidance in quotes, as guidance suggests to me a help in decision making - this seemed an attempt to replace decision making and exclude any judgement on the part of the physician) which is followed by the NHS:


(a) Patients with suspected primary hypothyroidism should only be diagnosed with blood

tests including measurement of serum TSH.

(b) Patients with primary hypothyroidism should be treated with T4 using levothyroxine tablets (listed in the British National Formulary) alone.

(c) There is no indication for the prescription of levothyroxine or any preparation containing thyroid hormones to patients without an established diagnosis of thyroid disease and thyroid blood tests within the reference ranges.

(d) In patients with suspected primary hypothyroidism there is no indication for the prescription of levothyroxine or any preparation containing thyroid hormones to patients with thyroid blood tests initially within the normal range. **Thus the patients with normal levels of T4 and TSH do not have primary hypothyroidism**, and even if they have symptoms which might suggest this, they should not be given thyroid hormone replacement therapy.

(The diagnosis and management of primary hypothyroidism © Royal College of Physicians 2011 )


I have given up on my GP.... because their hands are tied (even if she actually *wanted* to help, which I don't believe she does. She did something similar and had me tested to PCOS and ovarian cancer instead - like you said. Sounds quite formulaic....


I was diagnosed with pcos 11 years ago, and tiredness was not one of my symptoms.

Excessive facial hair (sideburns to rival Elvis!) acne, and weight gain, hell yeah, but no tiredness, no brain fog, no temperature problems, nothing like that whatsoever!!!!

I am seeing a brilliant gynae who gives me injections every 10 weeks to shut my ovaries down and take low dose HRT. I am the worst case he has ever seen in his 30 year career!! another few years and he will take everything away. He says that I am too young yet.

Ann xxx


Yes I think they just assume if we feel unwell its to do with womens problems. I will wait and see what these tests say.

The other comment on the blood results from Genova is Anterior pituitary hypofunction. Appartently often mistaken for thyroid hypofunction. Similar symptoms listed. I'm just fed up of this tiredness! Brain dead, headaches, libido, weight gain, dry skin, cold etc. Doctor just doesn't listen to those I suppose I expected more from a woman gp. If nothing comes back with tests for ovaries, I will have to see someone privately.


OMG.... just read the above post ^^^^ and can so relate to this!! I too have facial hair, acne and weight gain but tests for PCOS revealed nothing, so I was then referred to dermatologists who were useless and because no-one was able to help, GPs have just basically left me to it for years!! That an a thyroidectomy left me wanting to jump off the nearest cliff. I have a private Endo. appointment next week but am not holding out much hope to be honest. xx


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