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thyroid and the liver

I have a fatty liver and pre diabetis. Doc says my thyroid blood all ago but I feel lousy. I also have I keep feeling as though everything is shutting down. Like I am also being poisoned. Anyone who has had such experiences please please let me know. Thankyougallstones and am having my gallbladder removed. But the gallbladder specialist says it is not that causing my symptoms. I know a bad liver can affect the thyroid and the thyroid can mimic liver problems. I feel awful on eating. Fluey croaky chest pains. Cant think concentrate really depressed sore throat. Have bouts of shivering and so cold. abdomen hurts. bloating. Not absorbing vits and have aged a lot in last year. Now 65. Sooo constipated despite laxatives. I believe I am not converting T3 properly. I suddenly run out of energy and am really off my food. A natureopathic GP gave me some Erfa T4 and T3. Suddenly I felt alive. Wanted to do things. Ate everything OK with now dips, brain fogs, lethargy etc. My liver pain seemed to go too. I have stopped it and feel more awful than before. I thought I should see an endocrinologist properly and have asked my GP to refer me. I don't know if he will as I have had all bloods OK etc. I did tell him how the Erfa helped so much. Has anyone else experienced this? Even if I have a cup of tea and Oatly milk I feel lousy.

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Basten, most NHS GPs and endos will only diagnose hypothyroidism when bloods are abnormal which is why so many members self-medicate. Why not start Erfa and T3 again as you felt so much better when taking it previously. Start at the original dose your natureopathic GP prescribed.

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Maybe you are having gut problems at present. I have read of several members having gallstone problems.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar in water or juice before or during meals can help settle stomach as we usually have low acid rather than high if we are hypo. Also Betaine/pepsin tablets are good too, either before or after meals as they provide acid.


Have you been diagnosed as being hypothyroid? Do you have a print-out of your recently blood tests results, i.e. TSH, T3, T4, Free T4, and Free T3. Also Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

If you haven't ask for a blood test and don't take Erfa before it and have test as early as possible. Take Erfa afterwards. Get a print-out of your blood test results with the ranges and post on a new question for comments.


Milkthistle is a gentle liver cleanser. Probiotics and enzymes (maybe a combo of the two) might be worth considering. If nothing else, I'd consider Milkthistle.


Basten, both my cousin and I, have fatty livers or so called non-alcoholic fatty livers. Its much more widespread than people think. All my liver values were way in excess so I read everything I could about it and summarising the corrective steps that you can do yourself: cut out/reduce simple carbs (sugar, pasta, rice, potato, fried anything), increase protein (eggs) and especially increase vegetables. Additionally I took milk thistle and increased my exercise levels. Now my liver values are normal. Basically having a fatty liver (or tending to get them) means that one simply can't do carbohydrates like others. Sugar is everywhere (even milk) but you can avert slipping into diabetes by looking at your diet. Doing something for your liver might well help for the bloating and your energy level, and also allow the thyroid meds to work better.


Hi Basten, so sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. Before I got my diagnosis of low B12 I was telling people that I felt I was grinding to a halt! Batteries running down! Does that sound like you? I am also taking Vit C and a good quality multi vitamin to try and boost my energy levels. Being unwell is awful, I do hope you get sorted soon, and start to feel better. MariLiz ps I am hypothyroid, B12 deficient, and have fibromyalgia, and around your age.


I being untreated for my hashi's for I think a long time when I was tested my levels were a mess. I think it did damage..... I ended up getting my Gallbladder removed because of stones and it was ready to burst so good thing I had it out. Also a liver cyst removed which they say are common most don't know they have them until your under the microscope with a million test. My liver blood counts were off and cholesterol and other things. I think once on Synthroid things came back to normal. I do need to get the cholesterol tested again. Hate to go to the doctors afraid it will be take another pill visit LOL.....I had a lot of discomfort getting the gallbladder out really helped. Hope this helps xo Susita


thankyou for that




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