Thyroid and GallBladder

It seems from various symptoms I have that I now have a problem with my gallbladder which is being looked into.It is very unpleasant and worrying. I did some research and found that there is a connection between this and underactive thyroid (mind you whatever you research it says there is a connection, one day I will find a connection between underactive thyroid and mars bars). But the information was explaining that if our gallblader is not working properly and is sludgish etc then it is not using the t3 and t4 properly either. So it is something worth thinking about.

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  • Decembersignup, there is a very strong connection between gall bladder disease and hypothyroidism. Several members have had their gall bladder removed before or after getting a hypothyroid diagnosis.

  • Thank you for telling me this.

  • Did they discover you have gallstones or just gallbladder sluggish. I have gallstones for a number of years and I know what to do if I feel a stone is trying to leave the gallbladder! I know that nowadays, it's a keyhole operation but any operation has its own risks (there are risks also in not having an operation, in my case).

  • Don't know yet. Every so often I would get a sharp stitch when I bent down or sat down on a low chair etc. THEN as well as getting that I was also getting a bad stomach, like a period pain, which went on and on all day, and pains in back. Waiting to go to hospital to check it out.

  • Drink diluted apple cider and eat apples too. Ages ago, I was told I can make a necklace out of my gallstones. I won't be surprised if you told me that the pain/uncomfortable feeling is gone!

  • Thanks. Researching yesterday I saw that it might not be good to drink lemonjuice or eat tomatoes with this problem, yet others say they are a good idea. Well I had some yesterday and felt bad. Feel much better today. Almost ok. Thanks for your advice.

  • It might be something to do with your liver and not the gallbladder. Did they test the liver?

  • Not had any tests yet, waiting to go to hospital. It started with a sharp stitch right side under ribs now and then when bending down etc. Then it was also pain in abdomen, sides and back, which have gone now.

  • I've reread your messages and I'm more than 75% convinced that your problems are not created by your gallbladder and definitely not gallstones which would have given you terrible pain. Also, if it was connected with the gallbladder, you would have felt unwell after eating fatty foods, although problems with the liver would have done the same. If I were you, until you are seen at the hospital, I would try and keep away from fatty foods. I would eat a lot of vegetables, fruit and pulses, and if meat, more white chicken meat. This is more or less a diet I had to follow when I had hepatitis as a child many, many years ago!

    Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  • Thanks for that advice. Presumably when I go to hospital they will look into it and see this. I dont drink, I dont smoke, I eat vegetables and fruit and drink a lot of home made vegetable fresh juice. My weakness is cheese so I have cut down on that.

  • Please sebd me a pm after you're told what the problem Is I ate one day a bit too much mozzarella and had a 'gallstone'attack!

  • MERRY CHRISTMAS. and to all here.

  • Milk Thistle Tincture and berberis tincture are very good for toning the liver and assisting removal of small stones or sludge

    Its single large stones that are a whole different matter

  • I ended up with mine out. After not being diagnosed for my thyroid until I was a real mess. I know because my body was not working right it caused so many problems. Its best to get the test to see if you have stones ........ they said it was a good thing I had mine out it was ready to burst. That would have been a real mess if that had happened. I had keyhole surgery. Much better than emergency surgery. All the best! Susita

  • Thanks. My thyroid is only slightly underactive. I find iodine/kelp and brazil nuts makes me feel well. Though nothign that I take stops things from going wrong with my body, mouth ulcers now. It is the same on any of the medications. But on the brazil nuts and kelp/iodine I feel well otherwise and with medications I get side effects.

  • My worst day so far was the day I had a lot of tomatoes.

  • Try cooked ones as they release a lot of lycophene.

  • Yes I do have cooked ones, it is the skin that has the lycopene, and tinned ones have more than fresh.

  • My daughter keeps reminding me not to use tinned tomatoes because some of the aluminium from the tin can seep into the acidic tomatoes!

  • Not aluminium - it could be tin; or BPA from a can with a white lining. One of the instances where paying attention to the use-by date is important.

  • My daughter just told me now that it wasn't aluminium, so it was my mistake. You're right that it is BPA. Anyway, we don't use tinned tomatoes of any sort. There are many options in bottles which, for the time being are safer! BTW, I was told by someone else that they don't use crystal glasses anymore when drinking alcoholic drinks. And I enjoyed so much using mine!

  • I think a lead crystal decanter with contents stored for several weeks could pose a danger, but glasses would contribute a lower hazard than the alcohol consumed ;-)

  • From old friends and recent research, I believe that a small quatity of red wine might keep the nasty Alzeihmer away for a bit. Apparently, Cabernet Sauvignon is the recommended one. Everything in moderation.

  • I dont drink alcohol at all. And the reason people say it helps is because of the resevertol, which I can never spell! But you can get that as a supplement without drinking. And there are many other things that should be able to help, distilled water, fruit juice drunk 4 times a week, the proper one not the pasteurised, should greatly limit the chances of it, curcumin, less fat etc.

  • Yes, my brother takes these pills but I wonder whether it's still not bad for one's liver even if the alcohol has been removed. I don't know if I get to live to be 80, but both my mother and her younger sister developed this disease, so I told my family to expect me to have it unless in the meantime researchers develop treatment for it. But as things are now, I might kick the bucket long before this age.

  • Women need tomatoes less than men as lycopene is for the prostrate.

  • And the prostates of fine upstanding men ;-)

  • I'm expecting anytime researchers to discover cancer remedies in a variety of food we can easily find in shops. It's interesting, for instance, that Japanese women are less prone to breast cancer than others. Also, worth mentioning the fact that Japanese surgeons were the ones who invented two types of operations meant to alleviate problems connected with lymphoedema, which sometimes follow operations for breast cancer.

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