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The Gut Microbiome and Diet in Psychiatry: Focus on Depression

This is an article in Medscape and it is a good sign that the science connecting the gut and the brain is progressing in the traditional channels of medicine. PR


Purpose of review

With depressive disorders the leading source of disability globally, the identification of new targets for prevention and management is imperative. A rapidly emerging field of research suggests that the microbiome–gut–brain axis is of substantial relevance to mood and behaviour. Similarly, unhealthy diet has recently emerged as a significant correlate of and risk factor for depression. This review provides evidence for the gut microbiota as a key factor mediating the link between diet and depressive illness.

Thanks to Sparerib for finding the link to the study, the Medscape link was blocking people.

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Is this the correct study? (the other link is behind a pay-wall)


What do you think about "depressive disorder is near-identical with sickness behavior" ?

just wiki for now...


Jane, that seems to be the right link, thanks. An interesting link from ref # 11. PR

Minireview: Gut Microbiota: The Neglected Endocrine Organ


Dr David Perlmutter also covered this topic in his Newsletter recently - makes sense....


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