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New Gut Microbiome Testing

If anyone is interested this is the company I have been buying my goat kefir from..., potent stuff but seems to have helped my gut...., I noticed today they are offering gut microbiome testing.... the link is below if anyone wants to check it out....


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Looks great.... thanks for the heads up!

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Many thanks, very interesting. In past 10 days, Ive completed my personal review of 4 microbiome test labs but didn't know about Atlas so I'll check this out. There's a few online reviews.

Fortunately I've not yet ordered my 3rd test but will soon.

If anyone's interested in outcome of my review including Atlas, let me know.


Yes i’d be very interested..., I haven’t had mine tested but became very interested after reading The Diet Myth by Tim Spectre, I now follow him and Miguel Matteus on Instagram.., hopefully our children can benefit from their research and discoveries and maybe protect themselves from triggering some diseases - Tim Spectre recently posted how he feels the future medics should learn about the influence of nutrition on health as part of their medical degree - I would love to see that!!!!


Hi, it would be great to hear your reviews. I wondered about having this done but then didn't know what it would tell me and how to understand the results.


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Yes please, I've been thinking about this for a while but really don't know which company would be best. Having a detailed analysis and consultation is vital - and that would tip the balance for me so long as all other factors were good. I have a slight reservation in that a company selling kefir is in collaboration with a gut microbiome testing company - possibly ethically questionable? Happy to be proven wrong.


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