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Mexican T3 response from Pharmacy

Hi everyone, my usual Mexican pharmacy has just replied to my asking about supplies. He said that the lab has stopped manufacture, and they do not yet have a date when things will be up and running again. He also said that the other Mexican Pharmacies are not able to get it either.

This is obviously very concerning, so I wanted to share this news.

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Probably part of the Drug Wars - not cocaine this time but T3. Big Pharma on patrol :-)

Hope you soon find a supplier ....


Who knows Marz? No reason given why the lab isn't making it. I was told to contact them in 2 to 3 weeks. Such a blow for us though who rely on this.

If you can make it to Crete for your holidays you can fill your case :-) How about the T3 from Thailand ? Seems to have good press on here....

I didn't know T3 was available from Thailand. What is it called?

Sorry I may have that wrong - see below - Helcaster.... :-)

That's NDT Marz, I have used Thiroyd in the past and was quite pleased with it. It looks like I may have to get some more! Was really trying to get the dose of T3 working for me. Hopefully the T3 manufacture will be sorted soon. I heard there's a shortage of Tiromel too. :-(

Ooops - sorry ! Thought I had read you can buy T3 from Thailand - perhaps I have misunderstood !

Referring to T3, you're thinking of Tiromel. It is made in Turkey and is the one sold in places like Greece and Cyprus. I know lots of people have been very happy with it.

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Hi Humanbean, some people have posted there seems to be a shortage of Tiromel too.

Yes I know. Terrifying. I just wish there was some information available about why it is happening.

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Yes humanbean, I wish we could get answers. I've been through this scenario with another drug I have to take for my bladder, it went on for two years! I did have a fantastic pharmacist though who used to import hydroxyzine from America for me. It was the English brand the NHS uses that had the problem. The factory had burnt down, then once that was resolved the machinery had to be licensed to produce the drug. Someone tell the NHS to stop relying on single drug companies grrrh.

If we knew a time scale re T3 we could at least action a plan b!

No worries Marz, I get confused with it all! Thyroid S is definitely NDT. I have no idea why there isn't a T3 from Thailand.

Finding it impossible to get contact details of Grossman who make the Mexican T3, I was going to send them an email.


Valeant Pharmaceuticals International (Laboratorios Grossman, S.A.)

Calzada de Tlalpan 2021

Colonia Parque San Andrés

Delegación Coyoacán 04040

México, D.F.

Tel. +52 55 5062 4000

Sorry - do not yet have an email address.

Thanks Rod for your efforts. I was hoping to email them, but it looks like a phone call is necessary!

I really appreciate this!

I have found an enquiry form to email Rod!!

I've sent them a message now Rod, I will report back if I get a reply.

Thanks again!

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What exactly are us self-medicating T3 users supposed to do if it's not available from Mexico nor Turkey???

Is worried.


Exactly cinnamon_girl, if this goes on for months a lot of us obviously won't get the treatment we need. I'm going to order some NDT to fall back on. I recently let my daughter have my left overs of NDT and ever since then there has been problems getting T3, I feel very vulnerable to be honest.

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Helcaster - thank you for contacting the Mexican pharmacy, should have said that in my previous post.

Is there anywhere else that T3 can be obtained from? I don't understand the difference between the different makes of NDT, ie are they all quite different or what?

Completely understand you feeling vulnerable, surely there's thousands of us who are affected by this? I just assumed that it was a blip with supplies but definitely more than that.

Very worrying.

I only know of Tiromel and Cynomel to be honest. Isn't there a German one? Maybe worth looking at some German pharmacies? Worth doing a Google. I'm sure it will be more expensive. I like the French one, but I've never seen it online without a prescription.

I've taken Armour, and Thiroyd, which is a lot cheaper than Armour, it's from Thailand. I'll try and track that down again. It doesn't work for me unless I chew it well though.

Yep there must be many,many thousands world wide affected by this, this kind of stress is the last thing we need. Of course if we were treated properly we wouldn't have to put ourselves through this. It makes me so angry.

Henning Thybon

Uni-Pharma AE Liothyronine


Mylan Liothyronine

Paddock Liothyronine

Kaiser Liothyronine

Pfizer/King Cytomel

Tertroxin (which is Mercury Pharma liothyronine)

... and quite a few others!

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Thanks Rod, very helpful.

The MP T3 I have is not called tertroxin. It is called liothyronine sodium 20mcg which quite a lot of us had problems with earlier this year. So do they have a Brand name, i.e. Tertroxin and generic as liothyronine etc?

If you look at the Summary of Product Characteristics for Mercury Pharma Liothyronine, you can see these words:

1. Name of the medicinal product

Tertroxin Tablets 20mcg

Liothyronine Sodium BP 20micrograms Tablets

It is the self-same thing - whether called Tertroxin or Liothyronine. :-)

The Tertroxin product name had been used for this product (whether the company was called Mercury Pharma, Goldshield or any previous name) for many years. They changed it to simple "Liothyronine" a few years ago - and this now appears to have been a tactic to allow them to increase the price. (There are price control measures on "branded" medicines but not "generic".) The product did NOT change.

The name Tertroxin is still used in South Africa and, possibly, elsewhere. I think the product is literally shipped by Mercury Pharma to South Africa. The only difference is packaging.


Thank Rod, much appreciated. I think you are correct for the name change. It is extortionate.

I had a look at a few of these Rod, I don't have a prescription unfortunately, and cost is so much more than Mexican T3. Hopefully I'll get a rep!y from the drug company to see what is going on.


You like the Aventis (french) one? I can get it, but I haven't done it yet because i'm not sure about the reliability. Seems that the grossman one is the only one I can trust... if you PM me we can discuss about it!

Hi Bloomberg5593, I found the French liothyronine to be absolutely fine. I've heard from other people that it's a little weaker than the Mexican, but I think I got on better with the French one. Recently I question the Mexican one because the batch I bought in December just didn't work for me. My skin got so much drier and more pain and swelling. I do have a hard time with absorption, but overall I would be happy to stay on the French liothyronine. As far as I know the Mexican T3 still is unavailable.

Thanks Helcaster.

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HI..I just wanted to let you know that I too had an order of CYNOMEL in December. Since I received this order,,same amounts I have taken BUT now I have sore muscles, constant dizziness, weight gain of 10 pounds *which has not happened in 2 yrs. I think they were sugar pills and I am not getting tT3 now even from taking the pills I ordered from them. It is too fishy and my symptoms since I'v been taking the newest batch..have done me no good. I dont think it is the regular CYNOMEL...very upset! It took me 2 months to receive my order as well..would love to have a compounding pharmacy take them and tell me if there is even any T3 in them..??? Thoughts. When you're making $ on a medication from thousands of people around the world..I find it suspicious to not be able to get it anymore..

Hi sassZ1, good to hear from you! What was your batch number? I put on 21lbs while taking this last one, I felt I didn't get any relief at all. Also which was really telling for me my skin got so dry again my heels cracked badly. I too would love to send them off to see if there's any T3 in them. I bought 6 bottles as I take a high dose. If they were fake that makes me really angry. Like you I'm suspicious as to why production stopped.

I've just checked - one of the internet pharmacies still seems to have stock, but tis expensive - £151 for 100 of 25mcg (Pfizer Cytomel) and £81 for 100 of 25mcg of generic liothyronine.

Happy to PM if this helps anyone, though it might actually be cheaper to fly to Greece or Turkey!

Hi Jazzw, thanks for pointing this out, it is really expensive isn't it! Mexican Cynomel is around £10 for 100 tabs. I'm going to email the Mexican pharmacy in 3 weeks as instructed.

Maybe we should all go on a package holiday to Greece and fill our cases up!

I have a few months supply of T3 but just wanted to make everyone aware of what is happening.

Thanks for your reply!

Blimey, that's expensive. If I could get on a plane I would!

Thanks for finding out though Jazz.

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I got some Tiromel from a supplier at £3.99 per 100/25mcg, plus postage. They were very helpful but out of stock again now. They have suggested that if anyone is interested in them supplying T3 they contact them and will try and maintain a stock level to meet demand.

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Hi Penny, that's incredibly cheap, what's the catch lol! Could you PM me more details please? The cheapest I've managed is around £10 per 100 tabs.

May I have the details as well please? Thnx.

Could you pm me as well please.

Many thanks

Please PM me too - tia!

Well that's put a stop to my treatment plan then! What a real pain in the proverbial, I was due to add T3 to my treatment and now every lead I had are saying they cannot source it.

I am so very worried by this.

Hi Donny, I'll send you a private message.

Hi again, I've only just seen your post. Yikes! Does this mean Grossman no longer manufactures Cynomel? Maybe it's just the Mexican pharmacies can't get hold of it? This is bad news, hope it's temporary.

That's strange - when I first found your post it was showing zero replies. When reloaded, there were 36! Right then, the answers are above...

I haven't had a response from Grossman, Hillwoman. When I emailed my usual Mexican pharmacy they didn't know if it was just a lull in production, or whether they have stopped for good. They suggested I email again in a couple of weeks.

I've managed to get some tiromel, I hope it arrives!

I remember years ago seeing a mention of lulls in production of Cynomel. I think it might have been on Dr Lowe's old website, but I can't find the reference now. A lot of his US patients imported it from Mexico.

At one time I tried Henning Thybon, a T3 that's available to German patients. I found it rather less active than any of the followng: King/Pfizer Cytomel, Paddock liothyronine and Grossman Cynomel. It got me through in a pinch, but I wouldn't want to depend on it for my treatment. It is liothyronine hydrochloride rather than sodium lio - don't know if that makes a physiological difference.

<deleted link>

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Hi Hillwoman, there's quite a bit online wondering if this cynomel is fake! I can't help wondering if there's an issue with potency? Is that the right word? I have my stupid head on today! Because I'm not feeling a thing. No rise in temps or heart rate on a big dose? I know I have other issues, but can't help wondering if it is a potency problem that has shut down production?

God, I hope you're wrong! I have a lot of Cynomel at the moment, ordered from the Mexican pharmacy you toldme about before Xmas, but I've been starting to get the old hypo symptoms that had actually gone (still have plenty) since I started the latest batch. I suppose I could check batch numbers with Grossman. Do you have a link for the web form you mentioned in another reply above? I can't seem to find it.

Look top right under contact us, then scroll to the bottom of the page and there is the form.

I have 51/2 bottles, and my daughter has two that I've given her. I do hope I'm wrong, but when I first tried T3 two years ago it seemed to knock me off my legs lol!!

What's your batch number Hillwoman? X

I'll let you know in half an hour, just as soon as the cat has finished warming up my legs and I've found my other reading specs!

I think the problem I'm having is that the Grossman company I find online does not list Cynomel under its products tab, nor is there a category relating to thyroid replacement.

These are the batch nos I have at the moment, from 2 different Mexican suppliers. Another order is on its way, allegedly.

BM201402, exp. Feb 16

BM201404, exp. June 16

They're all 25mcg, 100 tab bottles. I have 4 bottles + 10 tabs until the next lot arrives. Thought I was okay for a while, but if they're dodgy...


It's the same address that's on the bottle, I'm having to hold a magnifying glass the print is so small!

My batch number is different BM201403 exp. Jun 16.

Maybe this is the duff one Hillwoman ;-)

I can't actually read the tiny print in blue, even with my glasses. Will hunt for magnifying glass. :)

The Swiss Grossman company is nothing to do with the Mexican one. (I really don't know if there is a historic link, or not.)

Their website is here:

I have never found a website for Laboratorios Grossman, S.A. :-(

The link you gave a few days ago Rod I can see the same Mexican Address on my bottle of T3. Not sure where the Swiss Grossman comes into it, but the valeant link you gave me has Valeant Pharmaceuticals (Laboratories Grossman, SA) that address in on my bottle of T3.

Have I missed a post about Swiss Grossman? Because I'm confused. Maybe it's because I'm tired :-(

That was me confusing you, Helcaster! The only Grossman pharma company I could find online was the Swiss one. Thanks, Helvella, for pointing out that I was looking at the wrong website - no wonder I was puzzled!

Still can't find my magnifying glass for the bottle label. My sight has really deteriorated in recent years, so I'm easily hoodwinked by small print. :(

Hi I had a live chat to someone in Mexico this afternoon, a pharmacy that I normally order cynomel from and I asked them what is going on and they told me the company are building a new factory and they are looking to the end of November to supply again. Not sure if it's true but they seemed to know, thought this might help.

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This repeats what we have heard before. (Still very welcome to know that that someone is sticking to the same story!)

If true, why the apparently sudden decision to build the new factory? Why not ramp up production at least to try to ensure decent stocks before closing the old factory?

Makes me wonder if there was some issue with the old factory. For example, a fire or other contamination, which precipitated what might have been a longer-term plan.

Another rumour was that there was something wrong with the labelling so all bottles were withdrawn. I hope they fix this soon we suffer enough!

It seems extraordinary that it could take that many months to change some labels. No knowledge to the contrary, but that appears to me, unlikely.

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The last batch I had of cynomel from Mexico, did absolutely nothing for me, I even put 1 1/2 stones of weight in 4 months on this T3 alone, plus excessively dry skin and temps as low as 35 deg. I do believe something had gone wrong, I'm left with 600 T 3 tabs now that I see no point in taking.

I'm very sorry, but I've only just come across this admonition when checking for further posts on this thread.

I must admit that I find the differences in posting rules between the two independent thyroid patient charities about off-prescription pharmacies quite stark, and on this occasion I'm afraid I forgot where I was posting. I apologise.

I would like to point out that it is absolutely, 100% legal for any patient to import any medication (with a small number of exceptions) without prescription into the UK, if it is for their own needs or the needs of a family member, and if it is not for the purposes of resale. If anyone wants to know where to buy Henning Thybon in the UK, now that the link has been deleted, please send me a private message.

(Edit: this reply should have appeared further up the thread.)

Hi, I'm not in the UK but this is the message board that google found for me :-P I was wondering if anyone had heard anything new about the Cynomel. My bottles are slowly dwindling as I wait to find out if I'll be able to order again or not and I'm so terrified of my Hashi symptoms returning.

Has anyone ever tried to get a prescription from a doctor after having self medicated for so long? I had a horrible time finding a doctor who knew anything about Hashimoto's which is why I self medicated to begin with (and I'm sure plenty others are in that boat as well). I'm just not even sure how to go about speaking to a doctor at this point to request they prescribe me the amount that I've been taking for the last three years. I'm afraid they're going to read my TSH as too low because some of them still think that that's somehow pertinent and that it should be around 2 or 3, and I'm afraid they're going to want a referring physician before they give me the dosage that I'm used to taking.

According to the internet (and y'know...hard to know if that's accurate or not) it's legal to import a 3 month personal supply, so I'm not super concerned from that standpoint, but it's been my experience that doctors don't like you doing things on your own and I fear they'll want to run all the same old tests again or that they'll have some kind of misconception about another countries products (since I've had many of them tell me that regular prescription Armour wasn't regulated and they wouldn't even prescribe that), or that they just won't take me for a serious patient if they know I've been treating myself (and feeling healthier than I'd felt for the eight years prior).

Has anyone experience with this? Or does anyone know anything else about Cynomel being available again? I'm sorry if this is not the right place to post this, it's my first time on this site and I was feeling hopeful seeing all of you are going through what I am here.

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Hi Meltdown and welcome, this post is over three months old so doubt if you will get any/many replies. It might be best if you start another post and ask your questions, you're more likely to get some replies. :-)

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