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help again please

hi just had my blood results and would love some help with them . my levothyroxine was increase by 25 to 175 micro grams i do have a lot of problems with iron had an infusion once but took a very bad reaction on liquid iron a tiny amount per wk as it is all i can manage. oh i should say as well i have pernicious anemia , get injection evey 8 wks

ferritin 8

vb12 500

tsh 6.01(0.35-5.00)

freet4 11.1(9.0-21.0)

full blood count 10

no t 3 done but was asked by doc

still got no eyebrows and shattered all the time i due more blood test very soon . there was one more question i have been given a different inhaler been on it know for 6 months now but it a high dose of steroid could it affect my thyroid it called flutiform250 micrograms twice a day for asthma. any input at all would be great thank you

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Your TSH is far too high for someone on medication. If your just newly diagnosed you need another increase. I realise your ferritin is low as you've a problem with iron at present.

Did you have asthma before you were diagnosed with hypothyroidism? There was a similar post a few years ago and if you cursor down to Helvella's answer he knows a lot about research etc.

This is a link re similar problems.

When you go for blood test remember to leave 24 hours approx between taking thyroid meds and blood test and have it as early as possible.


i had asthma before but i was diagnosed but have been under active for 4yrs now .and thank to this site did not take thyroid med. appreciate evrey one taking the time to ans AGAIN THANK YOU


I wonder, being a pessimist, if you actually had begun to be hypothyroid before asthma. Hypo can take years before we are actually diagnosed. It sorts of creeps up on you. As long as you get an optimum of thyroid medication, particularly some T3, it might make a big difference to you.

You definitely need a rise in your medication. Some doctors are reluctant to prescribe T3 but if you email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article. highlight question 6 where it tells your GP the whereabouts of the TSH can go (and it's very low and it says T3 can be added too). You can tell GP the article is by the past President of the British Thyroid Association.

I have PA as well as hypo. Once you have one autoimmune, it is said, we are apt to get another.


Ayreshirelass, the lab declined to test FT3 because your TSH is high. Your GP can insist the lab tests FT3 but there really isn't much point while TSH is elevated as FT3 will be low.

Your low ferritin and possibly your steroid inhaler will mean you probably aren't absorbing Levothyroxine well which is why you need Levothyroxine dose increases to bring down your TSH and improve your FT4 and FT3.

Your B12 isn't very high for someone having injections but neurological symptoms are unlikely at 500. A lot of PA patients also supplement B12 methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches inbetween injections when they feel them 'wearing off'.

Ask for vitD to be tested as low/deficient levels can cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms.


Not surprised your shattered

you have severe hypothyroid and totally trashed ferritin

until ferritin is sorted no amount of levo will achieve anything

so sorting out how and why you cannot tolerate iron is top priority


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