Asthma connection to hypothyroidism?

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in 2004, in spite of not having any of the antibody tests to my knowledge... my GP merely presumed this diagnosis and I was treated accordingly with replacement Thyroxine (the cheap and cheerful stuff...). I had a cold about a year ago, during which time I lost my voice for nearly 6 weeks and found it very hard to fight it off. I then started becoming very breathless at times and was diagnosed as being asthmatic in June. Although the Salbutamol inhaler works as a brilliant reliever, I found that the Clenyl Modulate steroid inhaler negated the use of the salbutamol completely for the 6 weeks I was taking it. However, I had a reaction to the Clenyl inhaler which meant I was constantly battling a stuffy nose which interfered with my ability to smell, taste and worst of all, sleep. I have now come off the steroid inhaler and am taking Singulair50 instead, but have now once again, caught a cold which after 4 weeks seems to have no intention of clearing up at all... Is there a connection between my hypothyroidism, the asthma and my apparent lack of ability to shake these bugs off? I am currently taking 100mcg of thyroxine, but suspect that this is not having any effect on any of my symptoms, especially my weight, at all. My last bloodtests all came back, surprise, surprise... 'normal'!

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  • Wish someone would tell me what is normal !! as i never feel it.......

  • I know exactly how you feel, and I've felt like this for the last 10 years, although I was only 'diagnosed' with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in 2004, even though I was NEVER actually tested for that specific condition... There's an awful lot of presumption going on out there and I hope I can persuade my latest GP (I've gone through every one in our local surgery) that I may actually know a little bit more about my condition than she does and get her to co-operate...

  • There most definitely can be a connection between hypothyroidism and asthma. People have posted about being diagnosed with asthma which eventually resolved when their thyroid issues were fully addressed.

    Please don't just stop your asthma medications, but you might consider trying some antihistamines - e.g. chlorphenamine. Seems that in some people histamine levels rise as their thyroid hormone levels recover.

    And don't accept the word 'normal' - get the numbers. You are entitled to know.

    All the best


  • Thanks for that, I was beginning to think I was falling apart. The whole asthma business has been further complicated by the fact that I have also succumbed to a cold that just refuses to go away, indeed, it seems as soon as I start feeling a little better, the damn thing just comes back, so stabilising my asthma treatment is being severely compromised. I have tried taking anti-histamines, but they do not seem to help much...

    In addition, would it surprise you to know that all my concerns, especially reactions to my "cheap 'n nasty 45p/ pack" levothyroxine, have been summarily dismissed as ranging from '...that's just a bit of localised eczema, I'll give you a bit of cream for that...' which, of course never worked for the intense itching I feel especially on my lower legs which I've scratched raw, to the worst reply I ever had from any medical 'professional' which was ''ve never been this age before...' when I expressed my worries about my weight still going up and some awful episodes of cramp especially in my ribcage if I found something too funny and laughed too much! I'm now at the stage where I have requested to see one GP only and I'm hoping she'll be a little more reasonable in her dealings with me... I am hoping to persuade her to try me on the T4 + T3 replacement therapy I've been reading about, as I feel that my problems might improve were I to be given that. I'm certain that the only benefit from the levothyroxine I'm being given at the moment only results in 'normal' T4 and TSH readings that saves them looking any further at my treatment. Any additional information I could use to help that persuasion would be gratefully received. I'm due to go and see her on Monday and I'll keep you posted.

  • I have graves desease which is hyperthyroid but I was diagnose in military with asthma because I was having shortness of breath n passing out but since in had my surgery and remove my glands I havnt passed out since so my question is ? If a doctor no train properly can see symptoms of thyroids as if it was asthma

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