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B12 and Mega-Mag supplements

Have posted this question on the PA site, but thought perhaps somebody on here might know or have experience of taking these two supplements.

After a break of quite a few months (due to waiting to see neurologist and not wanting to skew any blood tests), I have gone back on the above supplements and am taking 2 x 1000mcg B12 nuggets and 4ml of Mega-Mag ionic magnesium in a glass of water, once a day. I tend to have both of these in the evening so as not to clash with my thyroxine.

Just wanted to double check that these supplements are quite safe in the above amounts. Am I right in thinking that any excess is just washed out naturally?


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Twitchen, B12 is water soluble and excess is excreted in urine. I've seen it recommended that magnesium dose should be upped until diarrhoea is experienced and then should be cut back to the previous dose. If your bowel isn't loose then it seems unlikely you are taking too much.


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