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Grateful for any advice on what to ask my endocrinologist tonight when I see him about my latest blood test (results available tonight). I was diagnosed with hashimotos in May 2014. My test results in May, June, August, Oct, Dec 2014 were: TSH (ref range 0.27-4.2) 4.44, 1.09, 0.017, 2.79, 25.94 (yes twenty five); FT3 (2.8-6.8) 3.96 (June) 5.76, 3.5, 3.9 (Dec); FT4 (12-22) 14.86 (June), 20.83, 10.46, 9.16 (Dec). My TG (0-115) was 240 (May), 501 (Oct), 475 (Dec). My TPO (0-34) was 117 (May), 175 (Oct), 273 (Dec). my folic and ferretin are ok. My iron was low in May but is ok now. My vitamin D was deficient (<50) at 42 but is ok now at 87 (Aug). My vitamin B in May was high (211-946) at 1134 but is ok now at 861 (August). Any thoughts and comments most welcome. Best wishes to all.

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  • VitD still far too LOW ! Am finding your other results difficult to read....sorry ! What were the results for your Ferritin and Folate ?

    What are you hoping to achieve with your Endo ? Are you on treatment ? What supplelments are you taking ?

  • Hi Marz

    My Ferritin was 68 (20-250) last August and 69 in June. Folic acid was 33 (7-45) in June. Iron was 21 (6-35). homocystein 11 (4.3-15.3). I have been vitamin D deficient for a long time. That's intetesting you should point that out. Thank you for your interest.

  • Homocysteine needs to be lower - around 5/6. Usually levels reduce with adequate levels of B12/Iron etc.

    You didn't reply to the treatment you are on and the supplements you are taking....

  • That's interesting, I was taking iron supplements, until GP said 'no need'. Will restart. My treatment was 50 mcg Eltroxin (Levo) until December when Endo increased it to 75 mcg. Tonight he increased it to 100 mcg after Endo saw my latest results showed TSH 5.27 (0.35-4.94), Free T4 of 0,93 (0.70-1.48) and 1.47 (0.89-2.44). Endo said borderline results but he must treat my symptoms of fatigue, constipation and no libido. Thank you for your feedback. It's very enlightening. I appreciate it Marz.

  • Higher Nature do a supplement for the purpose of lowering Homocysteine with an added chelating ingredient - TCM I think it is called. You should be able to find it on-line easily.

    Hope the increased dose works ....

  • Thank you very much Marz. I will buy the TCM and watch the video link you provided. I am grateful to you for your expert guidance.

  • Sorry - have found the product in Higher Nature - it is called H Factors and the chelating ingredient is TMG :-)


    Their products are good...

  • Thanks Marz. Fantastic. I have tried other supplements eg Thyroid PX (iodine and selenium) which I thought helped me get from TSH 4.44 (0.27-4.2) down to 0.017 but then I shot up to TSH 25! I'm hoping these other supplements might target what caused this TSH incresse and possibly my Hashimoto's or am I being too hopeful. I work overseas in hot climates where we hide from the sun so have suffered low vitD for years without realising it.

  • ...and treat the root cause....



  • Thank you Marz. Great sources of info.

  • Hi. Would it be possible to put these results in columns or separate lines so they'd be easier to read? I do appreciate that when you have a series of tests over time it can be difficult to represent them clearly. :-)

  • Yes will do. Thanks for your interest.

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