Latest blood test results, any advice appreciated.

Latest blood test results, any advice appreciated.

If anyone has the time to peruse my latest blood test results, I would very much appreciate any comments.

I do know that my TSH is suppressed and my FT4 at 25 (12-22) and my FT3 at 8 (4-6.8) are too high and have reduced my medication accordingly. Is there anything else I should be concerned about?

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  • CC, may help you figure out what the High results are about.

  • Hi Clutter, thank you, your link went to spam.

  • CC, sorry wrong link, I've edited it in post. Try this

  • Thank you.

  • I see 1) very high cortisol 2) very high ESR (whichusually shows if there is an inflammation in the body)

  • Hi missymystique, thank you. The endo didn't seem to concerned about the possible inflammation but said he would write to my GP for an appt at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, for further investigation.

  • That's good, inflammation can be high due to viruses, other diseases or simply auto immune attacks. For me ESR was 2, although I have thyroid antibodies. It doesn't tell much by itself.

    I would ask the doctor to test auto immune diseases and also test CRP, ferritin, vitamin D and B12.

    Do yuo feel hyper since your TSH is low?

  • CRP was 4mg (0-5mg). Iron was 15, ferritin 36, and after supplementing for a few months, iron decreased to 12 and ferritin increased to 250, 100 over range. Vit D and B12 were a good high range after supplementation. I tested negative for thyroid antibodies and thyroglobulin antibodies were under 20 (0 - 20).

    Endo mentioned cortisol wasn't too low, which would explain fatigue, but didn't concern himself that it was so high.

  • CRP is also done for inflammations. Maybe it's because of the thyroid attack.

    What kind of iron tablets did you use to increase ferritin?

    The rest looks pretty good.

  • How do you mean 'the thyroid attack'? Ferrous fumarate 210mg 1 x day.

  • auto immune attack to your thyroid, I assume you have TPO antibodies? (90% of hypos have this)

  • Hi missymystique, my TPO antibodies is 16 iu/mL (0 - 34).

  • Wow, you are probably in that 10%:) That'd good then, you don't have an auto immune attack. In that case I would ask the doctor why the inflammation is (CRP/ESR)

  • I asked the GP and she said lab would only investigate if CPR is very high. Endo fobbed me off to the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, for further investigation on all symptoms. Don't know if they will help or be interested in slightly over range ESR?

  • Apparently with NDT suppressed TSH is expected.

  • Exactly. And once you are on Thyroid Hormone Replacement, in no way does a suppressed TSH automatically mean hyper - or to put it correctly 'over-medicated' - it's high FT3 and symptoms that lead to that conclusion. How do you feel?

    One negative antibody test does not entirely rule out autoimmune, because levels vary. It should be done several times, at intervals, if you can.

  • Hi greygoose, I do have high T3 and am reducing meds as do have symptoms of over medication.

    As stated: TPO antibodies was 16 iu/mL (0 - 34) in Jan 2014. How often should TPO be checked to ensure NO autoimmune issues?

  • You can never ensure no autoimmune issues. Some people have Hashi's without ever having any antibodies showing up. Remember, you can't prove a negative! That's why blood tests are only a guide. And there'es no hard and fast rule about how many test you should have and when. The thing is, most doctors are reluctant to test antibodies more than once - if that! You can ask occassionally, saying you just want to see where you are with your antibodies, but even if he agrees, you are at the mercy of the lab and their ignorance. Just wanted you to know that there is still the possibility that you do have Hashi's. :)

  • Thank you greygoose for clarifying. I certainly have most of hashimoto symptoms but I guess they cross over to hypo too. Will certainly try for further antibodies tests.

  • :)

  • Yeah ....integrrative medicine means learn to live with it !!!!

  • Thought as much : ) Do they have the authority to diagnose 'anything' there?

  • HI All the inflamation markers are high but not astronomic. More concern is the high platelets. Liver looks like nothing to worry about although one test is high. Are you sure you are not border line diabetes?Glucose test not reliable ,best test is Hb 1 Ac ( I think that is right) Arthritis can also cause the high markers.

    I hope that helps.


  • Hi Jackie, what does high platelets mean, mine is 446 (150-400). Do you know what the alanine transaminase at 63 ( 10-35) means?

    I had HbA1c (DCCT aligned): 5.3% (4-6%) and HbAc IFCC standardiesed: 34 (20-42).

  • The liver test can be any liver damage but usually the others are up too. It can indicate diabetes too.Have you had U`s and E`s done as may be relevant, kidney function? Diabetes is border line often indicated by that liver result too. If liver is a problem be sure to see a hepatologist ,large teaching hospital.not the more usual gastro.The diabetes figure although OK would be worth reducing or omitting sugar.


  • Thank you Jackie, so the alanine transaminase at 63 ( 10-35) can signify diabetes? 30 Oct 2013 readings for UE creatinine: serum sodium: 137 (135-145), serum potassium 5.1 (3.50-5.10), serum urea level 7.1 (2.10-7.10), serum creatinine: 91 (49-92).

    How do I know if liver is a problem?

    Endo saw that I was producing cortisol, but he didn't mention (or wasn't concerned) that it was so high, and I didn't know at the time, as I was concentrating on T4, T3.

  • HI U`s and E`s Ok except potassium way too high, Do not take magnesium or potassium supplements. If not taking them cut out food containing potassium. I do not want to scare myou but potassium ideally should be about 4.The bad liver test is not dangerously high but can be diabetes or mild liver damage of any wort. it can often be hepatitis but as all else LFT`s Ok I would not worry on it own,have repeat tests in 3-6 months.When I had autoimmune hepatitis they were all bad. The other good liver test is GGT.Look at the EWEB for liver tests.


  • Sorry should read WEB.

  • I was taking potassium when on high dosages of b12 and folate, but after this test I believe. I have been taking desmopressin before I go to bed for 10 years, don't know if this would effect potassium readings?

    Would I be able to convince GP to test again as GP wasn't concerned about reading?

  • Hi I am going by what my cardio and Nephrologist say. When Potassium high it can cause renal coma and cardiac arrest, both of which have happened to me. I would look up the desmopresssin or ask pharmacist.You certainly should not take potassium or magnesium without weekly tests.


  • Hi Jackie, certainly not questioning what you're saying as absolute fact, but if GP wants to play dumb, and / or indicate that I'm a hypercondriac, makes it difficult for me to insist on further tests. They certainly don't go in for preventative medicine do they. However, I will make notes and hope GP is accommodating, if only to get rid of me : ) But strange how they choose to ignore these readings.

  • Hi No I understood exactly. I have a difficult GP too! However, she will do as my consultants tell her, generally. They are bound to do U`s and E`s at your hospital appointment.I find even some cardios are ignorant about Potassium so GP`s are one of many.


  • Catch 22, GP will do as consultants tell them but you need GP to refer you to consultant in the first place. Endo discharged me after 1 appt, fobbed me off onto the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, for further investigation as to why I'm still experiencing hypo symptoms when taking NDT. I wonder why my cortisol is so high?

  • HI I guess cortisol too high as thyroid meds giving too high result. The appointment could be very good. Ask about the platelets.


  • Hi Jackie, thank you for explaining that which is more than the endo did. I will ask about platelets at the RLHIM appt.

  • No problem.


  • Is it possible you have gallstones ? Or just a single large gallstone

    being on anti depressants is a real no no .....causes all kinds of problems

    are you using flouride mouthwashes,flouride toothpaste,water supply treated with flouride or aluminium

    certainly your free t4 and t3 are very high but makes no sense thatyou have hypo symptoms

    seems to me something is not right somewhere ? Is what

    could it be Lyme Disease or cat scratch fever

  • Hi reallyfedup123, of lyme disease's symptoms, though my cat did have a tick years ago, which I only discovered when it dropped off from her after treating her for fleas): I have tiredness (fatigue), but NOT muscle pain, joint pain, headache , fever or chills, neck stiffness. I haven't any of the following later symptoms of Lyme disease: numbness and pain in your limbs, temporary paralysis of your facial muscles, I DO HAVE: impaired memory, difficulty concentrating, changes in personality in that I am up and down a lot, always been like that.

    Have been taking anti depressants for 22 years, so could have developed problems due to that, though GP unworried, as usual.

    The T3 and T4 went up as GP didn't check FT3 when T4 21, so as still experiencing fatigue continued increased NDT, until FT3 check couple of months later, showing high, so decreased NDT. Am feeling somewhat better as a result. Apparently high FT3 causes same symptoms as hypo.

    I don't have any cat scratch fever symptoms. I don't have any stomach pains to signify gall stones, though years ago, had a terrible pain around my left kidney, hospitalised for 2 days, with morphine but no diagnosis.

    Toothpaste is probably flouride, don't use mouth wash.

    Could be eating a lot more healthily but finances dictate otherwise, but will try on this.

  • I would wean yourself off anti depressants they are flouride and cause major problems

    it wont be easy but my husband will tell you they do you no good at all

    do you have endometriosis ,on the pill or other contraceptive jabs,hormone coils etc

    high eostrogen can cause trouble for thyroid patients and natural progesterone helps that

    do you have candida infection / crave sweets ,chocolate. Get thrush infections

    you need to step back and re evaluate everything you eat and drink and do because something is amiss here

  • Hi reallyfedup124, thank you for your input, very kind of you. I am planning to wean myself off antidepressants when, hopefully, symptoms improve when on optimum NDT for another month or so.

    I don't have any endometriosis symptoms, never been on any contraceptives at all. I did feel I had symptoms of high eostrogen so stopped HRT which GP prescribed (without hormone tests) and started using a natural progesterone cream, for approx a month (20mg a day), now use it every now and then.

    Candida. I sometimes crave sweet things, but this stops when I cut out sugar for awhile. No thrush. Used to have toenail fungus, have fatigue, digestive issues, rectal itching sometimes, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, lack of focus, ADD, ADHD and brain fog. But negative autoimmune test, no skin problems, no allergies.

    What to you is the most concerning symptom or blood test result?

  • high eostrogen and very likely systemic candida would seem most obvious

    I would go on a very tough anti candida diet if I was you

    weaning off anti depressants will be tough be sure you have support from family and friends

    this is not going to be easy vbut your symptoms give me good reason to believe candida is rife

    do you also use foil , non stick coated pans , aluminium pans , slow cooker, electric coffee maker

    rectal itching plus digestine issues etc is likely candida or aluminium poisoning

  • Hi reallyfedup123. My oestrogen level has never been tested, just suspected high eostrogen from symptoms. I mainly cook with my microwave, rarely cook in a pan, don't use foil. But I will research the candida possibility and adjust diet accordingly, if not too strict, thank you for your help.

  • Do you think the Intergrated Medicine people will test for candida?

  • be careful to only use glass in the microwave ...........plastics give some people trouble

    seriously candida seems most likely explanation for your symptoms probably triggered by long term anti depressant use and HRT really fuels it along with antibiotics

    eat lots of fresh garlic on salads, fresh meat, fish and vegetables but as much in form of raw veg and salads as possible , NO bread, pasta, cereals ,cakes,biscuits,fruit ,sugar

    Take Bio Kult Probiotics from Amazon ( one of the strongest probitotics available)

    you should start to feel the benefit pretty quickly but do not let up for many weeks because it takes persistence to get Candida level down to where good flora in the intestines take over

    Seriously have no idea what Integrative Medicine can or will test for

    if its like the idiots my Grandaughter saw it will be a farce

  • Hi reallyfedup123, thank you for this very helpful information. I will certainly try follow your advice. As even if I haven't candida, won't do me any harm, rather than wait for a candida diagnosis first.

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