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Hello there

I`m due to see my endo on 14th January and would like to get everything in place before.

I `m thinking of using Blue Horizon for some finger prick tests. Are these finger tests accurate and would the endo take them on board? They`d just be so much easier for me than arranging a phlebotomist.

I`d order the ferritin, folate and T3 - I had my B12 checked and thats ok.

Are there any others I ought to order while I`m at it?

Thanks in advance

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Joyliz, TSH, FT4 and FT3 for a fuller thyroid picture. VitD in addition to folate and ferritin. I would email Blue Horizon first to check whether there is sufficient time to get the test results back to you in time for your consultation.


Thanks Clutter I`ve already emailed them


Hi very accurate as although called finger prick unlike other similar tests still a phial of blood.



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