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Private Blood Tests

Am new here and have been in conversation with some lovely helpful fellow sufferers. As with most of you, I don't feel I am getting what I need in the way of tests from my doctors. I feel that certain other tests could be done and I can't get my doc to agree to them; it's most likely down to money as everything appears to be.

I have heard that I could get private tests done. Can anyone help me on this please. Can I hunt down a private hospital near me and request them or are there other alternatives? thanks everyone, so enjoying it here

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oldestnewest have a list of labs which have a selection of tests. If you put a code (I believe TUK10) you get a small discount and Thyroiduk get a small discount too to help with the office costs.

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thank you very much, I had a look at the Blue Horizon one seems to check for the ones that my new friend on here Goosey mentioned. What I would also like to know is how reputable these companies are along with the accuracy of the readings. I normally only go on recommendations. Had a scour around the net to find some reviews and there isn't that much. Am also wondering whether it is the best time for me to have stuff checked as my doc reduced my thyroxine by 25mcg 9 days ago. Never had my T3 checked or Vit B12 or any of the other stuff that the test shows and I know full well my doc will come up with some excuse in not testing these for me


Last year I had some blood tests done by Genova and some done by Blue Horizon. I got the blood drawn for both sets of tests at the same time.

The needle was stuck in my arm once, and various tubes were filled from the one needle.

Two of the tests I had done were done by both companies - TSH and FT4. When I got the results I did some arithmetic to compare the results from each company.

I worked out what percentage of the way through the reference ranges my results were (the ranges were different for each company).

The results for TSH were within 1% of each other, and so were the results for FT4. I thought this was really good!


The finger prick home blood tests were brilliant and the results come back online in just a few days. So pleased we did it.

Hubby hates needles,but said it wasn't too bad with the lances and only took around 10 -15 minutes to work out the kit, collect the blood, label it and get it ready to send back in the post box. We would definitely do the same again.

We watched an online 'you tub'e video of a doctor performing the finger prick blood test first, which did help.


do you get explained results with these types of tests or do you have to take the results somewhere to be translated?


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