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help help - numb toes and feeling cold all over and hands are freezing

it all started yesterday after having a few drinks and some cigarettes - been smoking and drinking a lot this christmas :P naugghhtyy I have stopped today because of the numbness and odd feeling...

I have not notified my doctor that I have decreased my thyroxine to 40 mg as advised by someone on here because 2 month ago i was rushed to hospital with numbness in the brain and face and hands and back and neck

I am freezing cold and got 2 fan heaters on at full blast

I took some tablets from tesco called gingko bilobo which contains calcium carbonate - I took them without looking at them. I had some crab meat, soup, bread, dips, cream with egg yolk and vannila and cinnemon,

I took some emergen-c sachets which contain strong amounts of vitamin c and other vitamins too such as zinc b6 b12 and so on.

feeling stiff and numb all over now help help

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Hi It may be start of a bug or could be thyroid or diabetes. depends on blood tests for both.For thyroid be sure to have TSH, T4 and Free T3 done.



You seem to have experienced a severe raynauds attack

Many auto immune conditions seem to overlap in many people.

I haven't been diagnosed with thyroid but a lot that is said on this forum makes sense and it seems that you may have experienced the extreme end of raynauds.

I find the best way to combat attacks is to prevent them occurring

This is by not letting your body cool too much. Its better achieved through eating well and regularly.


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