Cortisol results and vitamin D

I have had two results back today, my vitamin D has come back at 52, it's taken me two years to get from 39 to 52. Intake 2 800 and a monthly booster.

My cortsol has come back 18 (181-645) the surgery said it's in the normal range !! Not sure where they are getting that from ?

Does any body know what could be the reason why it's so low

Thank you in advance

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  • The cortisol doesn't make sense. Don't you have Addison's if your cortisol is nonexistent? At any rate your adrenals must be very worn out if your cortisol is under range and this makes your thyroid also low since it relies on cortisol to be distributed.

    Vitamin D is usually low for hypothyroids possibly due to not being absorbed and that can be a low acid issue. See how the domino effect takes place when we don't have good treatment?? Our skin even when we have lots of sunshine often doesn't convert well into vitamin another problem. Often we are given massive doses by prescription to overcome that. Having the same problem myself, even taking 5,000 i.u. per day was insufficient.

  • This is he first time it's been tested for 3 years, I have not been diagnosed with Addison's , only got the result today and don't see my specialists till after Christmas. Just thought I would post the results to see what they are relating to?

  • Amanda, I looked at your history and in you lab report (which you should probably blackout your name at the top) from a week ago states your cortisol as 407 so that is more normal sounding.

  • Thank you heloise, I will. The other test was done at 5.30 in the evening so the Dr ordered a early morning one, and I had to take a dexamethasone tablet the night before? The other test I did not take one of those tablets

  • What time in the morning was the new Cortisol done? How close to 8am? If it really is 18 and that is the range you are clearly very ill! Are you very, very ill? Unable to function, spend lots of the day in bed? It doesn't make sense that they say it is normal, if it's 18 and the range is 181-645 it clearly isn't normal and I would ask for a phone consult with a GP today, to discuss, as that is bad news big time!

  • 8 10 am the blood was taken

  • I am tired all day and night want to sleep all the time, massive weight gain , pains in my muscles and joints, foggy head, short term memory problems , blood pressure goes up and down low body temp, the list is endless, plus got a letter today saying they think i should stop taking my iron and Vit D tablets

  • well if that blood cortisol is correct you are not within normal range but very low and as I said you should speak to a GP asap and ask them to explain why you are being told it is normal.

  • Have you been to tested to rule out coeliac disease? Just that such low levels could be down to malabsorption (digestive issues) and the low cortisol might also be connected to that - the stress your body has been under. MWhat about the other ones, ferritin, folate, b12?

  • Yes I have , it came back negative. My b12 is 604. ( 191-663) iron 12 (7-20) folate is 7.5 (4.6-18.7) thank you

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