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If anyone knows of an Endocrinologist or even a private Doctor in, or nearish Bristol, that will prescribe NDT, pleeeeese would you pm me the name. I did contact a lady consultant who works both privately and through NHS but she has to do her own monitoring (understandable) before considering treating with T4 T3 combo, which I would be willing to try. She was kind enough to engage with me at length via email, and went as far as offering a free appointment to discuss 'the science' when I told her I was self dosing with NDT - something she flatly refused to advocate. From that I judged her to be pretty decent and conscientious but the trouble is I don't want to go back on just Levo while I am being monitored. After all this risk, trial and error, money and effort it seems like backward step. Under new monitoring, the whole process could nearly take a year and cost several to 5, or more, thousand pounds. She said that she asks self referral's GPS to refer on NHS but admitted GPs rarely did because of the cost to the surgery.

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  • I just want to say a big thank you to the folks who were able to give me the information I asked for. You know who you are. I did not expect a reply! And now I have an appointment with an endo in my town...whoop.

  • Hi I saw an endo at the BRI who was fantastic at the beginning of December. She has started me on a combination of T3 and T4 and for the first time in three years I feel as though my brain is switched on and working. I have been able to burn the candle at both ends and haven't fallen asleep on the sofa for days - I would be happy to share her name privately, I don't know whether she would be able to help you with your request.

  • Thanks very much. This might be the lady I spoke to. I will ask you for her name if th4e recommendation I had nearer to me does not work out. :)x

  • Hello, could you possibly let me know who you saw. Im desperate now to get some alternative medication to ease my symptoms. Thank you :)

  • Mn1-mum, Would you please send me the name of the Endo you saw at the BRI and did you get referred to this Endo by your GP? Could you please send me a private message to let me know who you saw and how you got on. Thank you so much!

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