Disasterous appointment with endo...it's time to self-medicate

I went to my first appointment with the endo today, armed with thyroid function tests, vitamin and mineral results and a 2 weeks avg basal temperature chart, and feeling very positive that she seemed to get the 'it's bigger than TSH result' approach. And in one sense she was, but my belief that her interest in CFS and Fibromyalgia meant she was of the view it was untreated hypothyroidism, couldn't have been further from the truth.

Yes, she said, your thyroid isn't functioning properly, but I don't prescribe thyroxine, I'm a firm believer in cognitive behavioural therapy and multi-vitamins, and no processed foods. Fix the CFS and the thyroid will sort itself out. She even went as far as to say my bipolar could be cured in the same way and I could be drug free if I followed her plan, and saw her psychologist friend. She sent me away with the title of a self-help book, and a pack of A-Z multivitamins, promising that would sort out my thyroid.

Do I bother asking my GP for a second opinion, or do I just crack on and self-medicate? I'm sick of feeling like this, I've been poorly for so long. What is the general consensus on self medication...levo or NDT? Can anyone recommend a safe site I can purchase from without prescription?

Thanks x

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The person you saw sounds like she is barking mad. Run away from her and treat yourself. By the sound of it you have nothing to lose - who needs a sadistic idiot like her in their life?

I forgot to say, she called me a victim for accepting my condition was for life! X

What???? How rude :x

You do know, don't you that there are extra funding points if they push you down the mental health route? Crack on with self medication - don't waste time like i did trying to educate people who don't care. My only regret is that i did notstart self medication sooner

What a load of b*********! I'd have to try both a different GP and the starting to self-medicate routes. If you do self-m. just do it gradually and slowly - thyroids won't be rushed! This site has many exceptional people who willingly give their advice and support, so take any offered and good luck.

Thanks everyone, I guess I should have reversed out of her office when she started ranting about yoghurt and fruit juice being poison. What are your thoughts on levo vs NDT or is it a case of see what suits?


I personally would not take Levo and will battle for NDT to the Last. NDT is a natural substance which was used safely and effectively for many years - until Big Pharma realised that they could make money out of producing a synthetic version. If you want to continue a private dialogue PM me. XX


I had a awful endo. appt. about a month ago and I am waiting for a referral for a second opinion but as I am already on levothyroxine and have never really felt well on it, I am wondering really if there is any point in seeing another NHS endo.

I have recently seen a Nutritionist and she ordered the adrenal saliva test for me, I am just now waiting for the result then I will decide what to do.

I think I would really like to try NDT.

Good luck

shiny, 20 years ago the endos in the U.S. treated Hashimoto exactly as they do today in the UK. I'm sorry to say that. They prescribed Synthroid to me but after six years I finally found someone who would prescribe Armour. If your options are few, I would also conclude that you won't be any worse off by self medicating with NDT. Some get along okay with Levo but I would not take the chance of being one of those. I didn't. The endo had me report after each increase so in a way I told him how to treat. And, after all, who would know better than yourself. Of course, you end up paying more than you should so I would try first to get a GP to do all the above if you can.

On the other hand, after lots of reading and I've been posting videos by a functional medicine doctor, I'm thinking the adrenals begin failing or you are having attacks on your thyroid process by an autoimmune problem which is more than just a thyroid problem. So, in a way, your Endo is not totally wrong. It's just that a holistic treatment is probably way too expensive to be covered unless you have better insurance.

I have to admit that I was ignorant until the computer came around with wonderful information and so my treatment with Armour was not optimal plus ongoing immune problems, I have to say I never felt "well" and had to make certain sacrifices in order to manage.

I'm an advocate on this wonderful Board to encourage others not to fall into my old trap if at all possible.

Short video on the difficulties of treating Hashimoto.

Can you email me the name of this Endo please - to add to the avoid list.... Thanks! :(



I didn't know there was an avoid list. Would love to see it.

There isn't a list - not quite sure why I said that, sorry. We keep a note so if someone asks about a specific one we can have a quick look.

I agree, she sounds absolutely barking. I'd certainly tell your GP if s/he advised referral to that witch doctor and would make a formal complaint. I would ask for a second referral to an endocrinologist who will treat your underperforming thyroid but as a referral is likely to take months would self medicate if your GP won't prescribe. If you have to self medicate I'd recommend T3 or NDT. I'm PMing you.

Hi, I totally agree with Clutter that this GP has conducted herself in a very unprofessional manner and in the first instance a written complaint to the Practice Manager is in order. I myself am a healthcare Pro and know that this kind of behaviour lacking in empathy and belittling behaviour is TOTALLY unacceptable.

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