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Blood results

I haven now had the rest of the results back:

TSH less than 0.01 (2.6-4.2)

FT3 15.1 (2.6-5.7)

FT4 36.8 (11-25)

Thyroid Antibodies TPO 49.2 (less than 6)

GP wants me to lower to 150 thyroxine and 20 UK liothyrnonine (was taking cynomel 25 which is 3 x more potent than thyroxine wheras UK liothyronine is only 2 x more potent). They will prescribe 150 thyroxine and 20 liothyronine and said bloods to be done in 6 weeks, though only TSH, not full profile.

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I don't know much about thyroid antibodies as this is the first time ever that I have had them done. Been hypo more than 5 yrs. I thought that as I am on thyroxine the antibodies would be barely detectable.


Pinkgirl, you were considerably overmedicated. >145mcg T4 is still a suppressive dose. UK Liothyronine, like all T3, is 3 x more potent than T4. I don't understand the rational for TSH testing only. Had your GP only tested TSH last time they wouldn't have picked up on elevated FT4 and FT3.

Suppressive doses of thyroxine do sometimes damp down Hashimoto's but not always, as in your case. You might consider a gluten-free diet which some find helps manage Hashimoto's and can help reduce antibodies.


Hi Clutter, thank you for replying. I had tests done at the hospital on 12th. Had gone there for a bowel appointment. Turns out that I have impacted bowel, with piles, IBS and severe constipation - I thought all this was linked with being hypo. Whilst there, they took details of all meds and as am on thyroxine did thyroid tests. I pointed out that I am on T3 and that a FT3 test would need to be done. However, when got the results from GP, they had only done a TSH and FT4 test. First doc said I don't need a T3 test, and again I pointed out that am on T3 prescribed by previous endo and that T3 needs to be monitored also. Went in for bloods because a different doc said I could have full profile. When got there, nurse went in to see doc who was there (my main doc) and he said no and was stopping all my thyroid meds because I was self-medicating. By Friday, I saw different doc who did let me have T3 test only because I pointed out that I wanted to make sure that I don't become hyper and have all the risks associated with that. I got the T3 and antibodies results today and was told I need a test in 6weeks time and it will only be for TSH. I don't know why but it is the general consensus at the practice that I am with to only test TSH. It's ridiculous, as when I lived in Cardiff I always had full profile done, and the docs there were really good, and open to the works of Dr My, and Dr Sk. However, when I mention their names at my current practice, I get shot down in flames - its soul destroying. Even if I find another GP at the practice who will do the TSH, T4 and T3 on each blood test, they still insist on monitoring me on the TSH.

I think that the only way around it is to either move out of this area, which I cannot afford to do as am currently staying with friends as lost last home due to redundancy and health issues; or find a way of getting well enough so that I can work, and end up going private and travelling long distance for it, as there is no private practice in Wales who specialises in thyroid. If they are only going to test the TSH and adjust my medication accordingly I be back to something like 50mcg with a TSH at 4 or 5, and there really is no point in me having bloods done at the surgery on that basis. Or, I can maybe manage the dose myself and keep ordering my own meds and own blood tests. I think that's the only way around it.


Pinkgirl, Wait and see how things pan out at the GP practice. Perhaps you could manage a private FT4 and FT3 test in 3/6 months if the practice won't do it.

It took 7 months for my FT4 to drop from >34 to 16 when decreasing T4 from 200mcg/175/150 - 125mcg but my FT3 was only once slightly over range. More recently, reducing T3 by 10mcg over 3 months has reduced my FT3 from 8.4 to 4.5 (3.2-6.2). I can probably extrapolate the FT3 to 5.4 as I didn't take thyroid meds for 24hrs.


The thing I did wrong was to take my meds as soon as I woke, then as soon as I was showered, dressed ect, was straight down the docs for the bloods to be taken. The practice branch which is in my village is only open in the mornings, so had them done there. Will be mindful of that in future though and not take anything for 24 hrs before. Have only been with this practice for 10 months so it is early days. I think that has been part of the problem as most of my life I have moved probably every 6 months - to be near work or when change jobs they have been in different areas, as done a lot of temp work the last few years, then a bereavement, so moved to be near sister for bit, ect ect, so I haven't really had any stability with one gp practice, and now I have a 2nd referral to different endo.

Having T3 and T4 done private is good option, and am happy to wait 6 months and see how I get on at 150 with 20 of the T3:-)


The gluten free diet does sound worth a try:-)


If you have such severe constipation etc seems to me that neither t3 or thyroxine is doing its job

what other symptoms do you have


Chronic fatigue that I cant shake off. Lots of bad migraines lately that have sent me to bed for the day. Also, I have bladder and bowel urgency and also stress incontinence issues - think these may be down to hysterectomy, also think still may have endometriosis though affecting bowel. Skin very dry and cracks and bleeds and scalp issues - scabs and sores. Also I cant get my weight back to normal - half a stone to a stone less than I am. Also hair falls out in handfuls when I wash it and chocolate cravings - think that suggests that I am hypoglacemic (am not diabetic though it is prominent in the family)


sorry but i see this as a conversion problem in that you cannot convert the T4 in levothyroxine into the t3 your cells need

what level are



vit b12

vit d3



unless they are all optimum ( over halfway in their ranges ) you cannot utilise the levo and should be on t3 only

insist the above are tested and then its easier for us to work this out

I would also suggest that you may well be using aluminium or non stick coated cookware and foil or your water supply is treated with aluminium or flouride

both are death to the thyroid and immensley damaging to entire body especially intestines


I agree, I also believe that it's a conversion problem:

Of the above, I have the following results:

Ferritin 248 (15-300) taken on 12th Dec

All the others last had done in the summer:

B12 serum 559 (180-900)

Folate 6.2 (greater than 6.2)

Ferritin 217 (15-300) increased slightly

Gluten 1.7 (0.0-10.0)

Didn't have D3 done as am on Calecos because D3 was severely low. Only ever had it tested once 3 yrs ago. I don't know what the reading was, though was put straight on Calcoes and have been on them ever since.

Have never had magnesium or zinc tested, but will ask about this. Got appointment in 2 weeks time.

I do use non-stick cookware. However, I don't drink any tap water only bottled water that has a low sodium content. Have drank bottled water since I was 13yrs of age.


Yeah, the mistake I made was to take all the meds then have the tests. Everything was done in the morning. That's what I figured, I thought that if I was overmedicated bowel movements would be loose. It's not making sense to me


As part of my bloods, I also had a Haematocrit test done, result 0.35 (0.37-0.47). It's low, however, doc has not commented on it. Hosp said it was ok. It was taken at hosp for bowel appt. Am I right in assuming that this means that my blood count is low?

However, the ferritin and B12 results were ok. The only one I am concerned about is the Folate one which is 6.2 and should be greater than. I also read that folic acid deficiency is linked with Chron's disease, ulcerative colitis and colon cancer. They had me in via the rapid access clinic as my aunt died 3 years ago from bowel cancer. That's on my fathers side, though on my mums side, there is diverticulitus and other bowel probs. So, in effect, if I did have something like Chron's disease, it would not be easily picked up on as I don't get loose bowel, instead I have impacted bowel - though the bleeding, piles and IBS could all point to Chron's. Am hoping its not anything sinister. I may be worrying too much, though docs have called me today and asked to see me re hospital letter from colorectomy dept.


Can someone please clarify the potency of Liothyonine. Some say it's 4 times stronger than levothyroxine and I've just read above that it us only 3 times stronger



130396, I believe T3 to be 3 x as potent as the equivalent dose of T4 as per these links




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