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Thyroid Results

Hi everyone,

Had thyroids done on Friday at hospital appointment (hops appt was for Bowel probs - impacted bowel and severe constipation, also have piles and IBS). Anyway, just had thyroid results and they are as follows:

TSH - less than 0.01 (0.27 - 4.2)

Free T4 - 36.8 (11 - 25)

Free T3 (not tested, not sure why not as am on T3 medication)

Currently taking Synthroid (eutirox) 150 & thyroxine 50mcg & Cynomel 25mcg daily. Told doc am self medicating - advised me to come in and have a chat, also to reduce to 150mcg. Doc not concerned about T3, though I am and would like a result on it.

Mmm x

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Oh how strange. Usually when you take t3/t4 combo your t4 levels go right down but yours are high. I wonder if it means you're not converting. (Someone else who knows a lot more than I do will know what this means.)

I would insist on a ft3 test. It certainly is important to know what your t3 levels are, esp when your meds contain t3, and given your severe constipation I wonder if you're not getting the benefit of being on so much thyroid medication. Do you have other hypo symptoms as well?


I have insisted on a T3 test, and am having one tomorrow. I did try T3 on its own and was taking 75mcg as its 3 x the strength of thyroxine, however, I felt more hypo. I do think that the bowel problems are linked. Had a number of tests done at the hospital including ferritin. Not had folate or B12 done since the summer.

I will need to scan and post results separately as there are so many. I do think its linked with a T4/T3 conversion problem.x


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