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Any help appreciated

Thank you to all of you on this site, without this i think i would go crazy, ( Well, that's how it feels some times ).

I have tried just about everything on the market but to no avail. I was taking Bovine, ( a NDT supplement from a cow ) which gave me no side effect's but didn't seem to be helping with my low reading's even though i did feel some relieve. Had to give this a miss as i was taking the maximum doze of 4 each morning. NDT from Pig made me extremely ill, extreme bloating stomach cramp's, and nausea so had to give this up as was unable to eat and felt very distressed, had my Pharmacist make this up in several different forms but it still made me ill, even without any other ingredients added,. In desperation have know once again tried another NDT, as i was so unwell. I was taking this one for two week's before symptoms started again, so have now had to give them up also . It has taken almost a week for my symptoms to abate and find some relief. At long last can eat again. Had my bloods done last week and was very disappointed as my TSH was 10.4, no change whatsoever even though i had been taking 100mcg daily. Can anybody offer any suggestions. Thyroxine tabs from Pharmacy have a Lactose base so am unable to take them. I am Cealiac, and also Lactose Intolerant.

Thank you so much for reading this, and do so hope somebody can offer some suggestions.

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I am sorry you haven't had success with your trials.

This is a list and there are a couple of lactose free products.

There are also two other NDT products, both hypo allergenic which may suit you also. They are called Nature Throid and WP Thyroid.

When you take medication for your thyroid gland, you begin gradually and work up around every 6 weeks after a blood test. If you still have symptoms, you increase a small amount and so on until you feel well. Sometimes when you think you are on the proper dose, symptoms come back and you have to increase again.

When you take too much you will have unpleasant symptoms of overstimulation and, therefore, have to either miss the next day's dose and reduce the dose thereafter.

With a TSH of 10 that's probably happened because you weren't taking any medication.

I hope you find a medication which suits.


Hi, thank you so much for your reply. I was taking medication at the time of my blood's which is why i was so disappointed. I will look up those sites you suggested.

Again, thank you so much


When you have a blood test for your thyroid gland, you do not take the hormones before, you take them afterwards and have the blood test as early as possible.

You take the thyroid hormones with 1 glass of water and don't eat for around 1 hour. Any supplements/medication you take 4 hours apart from the hormones.

It is essential that you find the correct dose as our body needs thyroid hormones to function properly, i.e. brain, muscles, heart, etc etc.


Hi Shaws, I never knew that you were not to take medication prior to blood test ?? I was told this would not make any difference. Thank you for other info also, you learn something every day with this illness . So grateful for this site and for all the help you give.


We all learn through another's experience and pass it on. You leave 24 hours between taking levo and blood test.


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