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Need help with how i take my NDT


I was wondering if anybody else is taking there medication in this manner. Because i am sensative to the capsule that my NDT is made up with, the Pharmacy suggested that i empty the contents of the capsule into my mouth and swallow with a small amount of water. I am sensitive to Cello which is used in the capsule. Was wondering if this was okay as I have been doing it this way now for ten days and not feeling any better yet. I was put on 100mg, ( 1 grain ) to start with but i was told on here that this was a high amount to start with so am only taking 3/4 of the capsule.

I didn't take it to-day as i have been feeling rather upset in the stomach, and unable to eat with no appetite. I had a small meal today and am actually feeling better than when i took it yesterday. I have tried every variation on the market for my Hypothyroid prob, but am not able to tolerate any. Hope this is not going to be the case again now with this one.

Can anybody help ,me. Thank you x

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I'm puzzled. What kind of NDT are you on that comes in dosages of 100mg? Most NDT is sold in 60mg or 65mg doses (as far as I'm aware).

According to Mr Google,

1 grain = 64.79891 milligrams

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Think it's Thyrogold. :)

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Hi, no it's a no name . I am having it made up by a, "Compound Pharmacy " here in Australia. They apparently make it up from raw pig thyroid themselves ?? so it doesn't have a brand name. Just hope i can tolerate it as have been unable to tolerate anything else to date.

Can I just ask you to check something...

Take a look at the ingredients given on the box of your capsules. I remember reading a post from a member on here who had been taking compounded NDT in Australia for a couple of years, but they never got better. It was only when she was prompted that she looked at the ingredients and found she had been given levothyroxine. (And was being charged for NDT, I think).

That was me. I am still very upset over the whole issue. So fed up with being treated like a fool with no brains because i am a female ?? My Levels actually got much worse with these medications they were giving me. My TSH is now 12. In Australia, anything up to 3.00 is normal, so 12 is quite bad.

Not sure why the Pharmacist said this, but then i am in Australia ??

Recovered, if the pharmacy has said it's ok to swallow the contents without the capsule it should be safe enough. If you've been tolerating the 3/4 capsule without feeling anxious, jittery ie overmedicated start taking the full 100mg. As your stomach has settled after eating you can take your dose.

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Hi Clutter, sorry for confusing people with regard to dosage ?? not sure why it should be so different to any place else. I will increase my dosage to the full capsule and see how i go. My husband is becoming fed up with me which is not helping my condition, he say's he wants the old me back ?? i am no fun being constantly tired and run down. I want the old me back also and do try so hard to keep going, even when i feel exhausted. Sorry to unload, just feeling teary xx

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Recovered, members in the UK aren't used to compounded NDT and are used to seeing commercial NDT in 60-65mg 1 grain doses. Thyroid supplements are often supplied in 100mg dose and some supplements claim the active T4 +T3 is removed to enable them to be sold OTC without prescription.

I hope taking the full dose helps but do have a blood test in 6-8 weeks in case you need a dose increase.


What is cello?

I'd have to guess it is a vegetarian cellulose capsule. If so, is it not possible for the pharmacy to use a gelatin capsule instead?

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I am going to ask for this when i order my next script as i am finding it rather messy doing it the other way. Sometimes i lose a lot of the capsule when i open it.

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