is anyone out there? ;-)

i posted some results and was hoping that someone could unable to get an appointment with my GP not that i have any faith in them?!! so was hoping if anyone here could give me a general breakdown on my test i need to ramp up or down on my NDT...or in my infinite wisdom thought maybe i should approach a Dr and ask if i can have T3 T4 treatment so that we can gauge how much i m getting etc.... been trying to get the meds sorted since May last year and its becoming a bore now! I've tried everything now so hopefully you guys will be able to give me some i need to ramp up again or decrease? I'm on bioidentical HRT and i take vitamin D daily....i didnt take meds on day of test. I know you guys are stretched and busy...but i REALLY do appreciate your advice..

many thanks xxx

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  • Well your t3 is pretty mediocre, but t4 is v low and your tsh is suppressed. Are you symptomatic? What are your heart rate, temp and bowels like? How much ndt are you taking? Were you diagnosed w underactive thyroid or were your t3 and t4 low - ? I see your antibodies are not raised so wondering what your diagnosis is and how you got there.

    I wonder if you'd benefit from adding a little t3 or just a bit more ndt if you're not feeling overmedicated. T4 is less of an issue as it will fall if you're taking t3, but for some of us the ratio is important and we need to keep t4 from falling too much.

    Do you know what your d looks like?

    Not sure what you mean when you say you may ask for t3/t4 treatment so you can gauge how much you're getting. Do you mean you want to know how much t3 and t4 are in your ndt? Here is a conversion chart if that helps:

  • I was diagnosed with under active thyroid in October 2015, i messed about with meds as i wasnt sure what i was doing until i found this site and started to learn about t3/4

    I'm on 4 grains of thiroyd from thailand. my symptoms are linked with menopause too so its a bit of a grey area. I feel very low ATM still having lots of hair loss. Hair dry and brittle etc bowels ok ill check temperature tomorrow.....ive supplemented in the past with various vitamins hoping to stop hairloss but am now on bioidentical HRT to see if that helps as nothing else seemed to work. the hairloss has been staggering and i feel disgusting....people say it doesnt notice but to me I've lost over half of my hair..its long but its thin and it sheds....

    I have lots of joint pains...i eat properly and practice yoga every week, walk often. I'm doing pretty much the usual things to try and help myself but became very despondent i just cant seem to get my results right

    Ive had a monumental kick up bum from a friend and ill be taking magnesium, vitamin b12, vitamin k and zinc....again

    i think my vitamin D is mid range as i supplement regularly with that...but GP is going to stop it soon as I've been on it for over a year and he says i need a break from it?????

    i was under the impression that the GP could prescribe t3 or t4 separately? i wondered if a combination of these would be better than the thiroyd....sorry if i sound dumb??

    i still dont understand the whole TSH/t3/4 reverse loops etc!! thing and I've read a lot about it all i know is i dont feel well...i feel like this is a never ending battle and I'm almost ready to give up....

    i won't though ill keep plodding on

    many thanks for your help xx

  • Sorry you didn't get a reply to your first post. I agree with puncturedbicycle - a raise in NDT might be in order. I see you're already on 4 grains? How do you take your NDT? Away from food and other meds? Do you take any other meds?

  • Levels of B12 -Ferritin - Folate also important. How much VitD are you taking ?

  • hello März, im currently taking 3X fultiumD3 800 iu

    if that makes sense?! :-)

    do i need more?

  • Well that is fine if you had a reasonably good result for your VitD test - say around 80 pmol/L - otherwise it is not enough. You really need to obtain copies of your test results - you can then post them here for people to advise. Difficult to do so without results with ranges. VitD is NOT expensive to buy yourself. It is Fat soluble - so take with your main meal or some good fats. Some D3 capsules contain olive oil - which solves the fatty problem.

    During the winter months in the UK there is so little sun so it is important to up your dose. I take 10,000 IU's and live in Crete :-)

    Ferritin ? - Folate ? How much B12 are you taking / You will also need to take a GOOD B complex as B12 works in the body with Folate ( B9 or Folic Acid )

    The above link will take you to the main website of this forum where you can learn about TSH - FT4 and FT3 ....

    As Jazzw mentioned above - how do you take your Thyroid meds ?


    i posted them yesterday, i split my dose to 2 grains in morning and 2 grains eve....i know about the whole dont take with coffee iron sups etc ;-)

  • oh yes got Jarrow B12 complex sublinguals i also have injections ( self administered) just ordered vitamin K and folate

  • There is B12 by Jarrow and also another called B Complex - 2 individual products - you really need both :-) - to keep all the B's in balance.

  • Serum 25-Hydroxy vitamin D3 level 73 nmol/L

  • The level of D3 you are taking should help - but if you buy some then choose the 5000 IU bottle during the winter time and then test at the end of winter.

    K2 - with MK7 is the one suggested here on the forum.

  • You might find the following website useful.. It helps you understand thyroid lab results.

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