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just need to understand what these results mean in simple terms. thanks no results on t4

hi just managed to get copy of my results. Can anyone tell me in simple terms what they mean please.

serum TSH level <0.03mu/L (0.35-5.0) low

will be filed as 0.03 mU/L

serum free T4 level

FREE T4 16.9 pmol /L (9-24)

will be filed as: 4427.00 free T4 level

previous laboratory records indicate that this patient is taking thyroxine, if so suppressed TSH on T4 therapy.

This is exactly as printed on my results.

Please can someone explain them to me. I have been underactive for 15 years and still do not understand them.

kind regards to all

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For some reason your TSH is very low despite your T4 being rather low in the range for someone taking thyroxine. Ideally you want your T4 to be near the top of the range, unless you are feeling well with these results of course.

There could be several reasons for your low TSH. You may have low or high cortisol or low vitamin B12 levels, which can cause your TSH to be unrepresentative of your T4 level. It could also be a problem with your pituitary gland and it might be worth getting this checked out if the other reasons aren't the problem.

I'm sorry I can't give any further answers than that. Can you tell us how you're feeling, what dose you're taking and what symptoms (if any) you currently have. That will help us to help you more effectively :)

Carolyn x


hi I'm taking 150mg of thyroxine, very overweight which wont shift, hair thinning on crown but the rest of hair not too bad. normally have cold hands and feet, joint pains with cramping, not sleeping very well, dry skin mainly on legs. concentration out the window, in fact all the usual stuff that goes with being underactive. doctor thinks I have depression/menopause mad cows disease, mainly because docs seem to know so little about the thyroid. if I got tests privately what should I ask for?

thanks for helping



Hi Apart from what has already been said.You first need your Free T3 test together with the TSH and T4. I have severe Hashimoto+ all the other things with it. When I first started treatment my TSH was 0.001, on treatment immeasurable but, I was treated because my FT3 was below range. Treatment limited then, now I am on armour and t3 ( unusually), cannot take Levo ( T4). Normally treatment would be T4 and T3, depending on the results. With low TSH you also need a Pituitary gland test, simple. Ask the GP, this is really important. If still not treatment and you think it is thyroid from how you feel. Then you need to find a really good Endo who will treat mostly on symptoms. I am treated on, how I am and T4 and FT3 results.Unless GP brilliant they are scared to not follow the exact guide lines also really it is extremely complicated and they cannot be expected to know too much about thyroid disease, although very common.

I hope that helps, above all go by how you feel.

Best wishes,


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tabby, they are meaningless in a way since you really need to see how your TSH compares to a FT4 and an FT3. This is why:


Right my friends I have finally got the doctor to agree for me to see an endo. have no idea how long I have to wait to see one and the doctor wasn't best pleased with me asking but its a start :)


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