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I just got my blood test results back, I have a swelling under the jawbone on both sides the one on the left painful. It states Laboratory procedures - general bloods taken u&e lft bone enz crp Ca125 fbc & visc as per forml Se CA 125 level. Underneath ~Comment: Tumour markers are not diagnostic and are of most use in monitoring response to treatment and early detection of relapse.

I have no idea what that means so can somebody help please. The other comment was on Mean corpusc. haemoglobin (MCH) states 32.8pg I notice the range it should be is between 27-32.00pg. The MCH has been high on other blood tests does that matter?

Thanks in anticipation of one of you lovely clever bods on here giving me some help.

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Have they tested your B12 and folate? If not, please get these checked. (and while you are at it, get ferritin and vitamin D done as well).

Thanks for reply yes Jazz mentioned B12 as well think I will have to buy some and start taking bit low on last blood test folate was ok though and ferritin high always is.

High ferritin without excess iron ingestion = inflammation. You say you have trouble with eating.

There's a whole lot of things you could get checked for. Anything from H. pylori, chronic amoebas, giardia to Coeliac. Endoscopy with biopsy may be a good idea and a poop sample.

Thanks so much I've got to ring him next week so I will mention it think I need more tests.

CA125 is a test for ovarian cancer. I'm a little puzzled as to why your doctor ordered it for swelling under your jaw. - in fact, maybe the lab were trying to point out the wrong test had been ordered! Were there any results posted for the CA125?

Thanks for reply, result was 5.4 U/mL range stated O.OO - 35. 00U/mL. Yes it's a bit odd the test for ovarian cancer, probably because I've had indigestion as soon as I start eating. No idea what's wrong with me.

Oh, well that's fine - nothing to worry about at all there (my mum had ovarian cancer, so that's why I knew what it was). I'm almost sure your GP ordered the wrong test - I'm just trying to think what he/she meant to check!

Yes to be honest I think he's a bit of a div, I had a hysterectomy years ago though it was sub total.

Oh, and high MCH might well indicate B12 deficiency, as Gakbad mentions.

I had high MCH too, along with low red blood cell count for years!

They are both normal now, but can't figure out what made them normal because I take thyroid meds, B12, vit D and iron, and much more!

Although, my ferritin has gone down and my MCH and RBC are still normal

Yes you'd think doctors would be interested in blood tests that are not right but they don't seem to be, particularly your low red count good job it's sorted itself out keep an eye on it, iron helped I should think. My ferritin has been high for a few years the same as my MCH.

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