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Diagnosed with graves 2011 levels have been up and down since then.

Have refused RAI. Consultant is willing to keep me on Carbimazole as no adverse reaction. Latest blood results TSH 2.51 range 0.30-5.50

T4. 12.6. range 11.5-22.7

T3. 4.1. range. 0.0- 7.0

Do not feel good have no motivation have to force myself to keep active

Any views on blood results would be helpful.

Thank you


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Ali, I think you may be slightly over medicated as your TSH is a bit high and your FT4 is low in range so you may be becoming hypothyroid. How much Carbimazole are you taking?


Hi Clutter

I was taking 15mg but consultant has reduced to 10mg as from today.

Saw him yesterday he said my levels where fine!!!! It seems to me that if they are within range either high or low consultants don't care how you feel.

Ali xx


Ali, the reduction will help. The symptoms you describe are because you are underactive. If you don't see endo for a while ask your GP to do a thyroid blood test in 4 weeks.

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Hi Clutter

Thank you for your advice. Seems to be trial and error will get my bloods done in 4 weeks and hope the lower dose carbimazole helps.

Ali xx


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