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Graves levels not stabilising


Diagnosed with graves 2011 have been on and off carbimazole

since. Last blood results November 2014.

TSH 2.51 range 0.30-5.50

T4 12.6 Range 11-21

T3 4.1 Range 0.0-7.0.

Was on 15mg Carbimazole dropped to 10mg in November.

Not feeling to good at the moment have no motivation and really have to push myself

and pretend I am enjoying life. I ice skate and line dance, but find the next day I am out the game and feel drained.

Have bouts of vertigo and sometimes my face feels numb, don't know wether this is because I am panicking about the way I feel.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Ali xx

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I'm sorry you have problems. I am hypo so cannot respond but someone who has/had Graves will do so.


Ali, you should have another blood test. Your Nov results indicate overmedication and you were heading for hypothyroid. If you aren't feeling better since the dose decrease your TSH may still be too high and your FT4 and FT3 too low.


Thanks clutter for your reply, my levels have been so erratic that I have forgotten what it is to feel well. Had my bloods done yesterday, will ring secretary to find out results think you may be right about being hypo, consultant doesn't seem to bother about my levels going low. Last year my T4 went down to 9 tsh was 3.5 t3 was 2.5. Consultant looked at me as if I had 2 heads when I said I didn't feel good.



Hi I have graves as well and was diagnosed in July but I still feel rubbish ok I'm not falling over any more and do get some sleep on and off and heart is normal now but I my legs are still not strong and I have trouble walking up stairs and sore hips restlessness and tired all the time I'm beginning to think that I will never feel completely normal again Dr seems to think that because I'm functioning again that will do

It helps a lot reading posts on here because I don't feel so alone then I get depressed think of all the problems every one is having


Hi Ali, sorry you're not feeling too great at the moment, I too have graves. I agree with clutter it sounds like your hypo and overmedicated. From my experience by keeping a close eye on my blood results, I've found that I'm 'semi normal' :) when my t4 is 14.2 (9-18) which is a slightly different reference range to yours. If I slightly go under that I feel crap like you describe, unable to concentrate etc and tweak my carbimazole accordingly. You should be getting bloods done every 6-8weeks. Let us know how you get on with results.


Hi Joy333

Thanks for reply

I feel semi normal when my T4 is nearer 18 which it hasn't been very often.

Will let you know my blood results.

Ali x


The vertigo thing rings a definite bell, my balance is ridiculously bad since I've been taking 40mg ofCarbimazole daily!!!

Aches and pains also seem to kick in and whether its just me?? But my memory and concentration are absolute pants at the moment!!!

Treatment seems slow and can have side effects too?

You should query why your feeling like this? Maybe your meds need to be adjusted back up?

Hope that helps ☺


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