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Other sources of T3 please??


I've been transitioning to T3 only as I suspect RT3 overload. I had been on T4/T3 combo until June and then a month or so before I went T3 only had been using NDT - felt like champagne compared to homebrew! - however I had some UK prescribed T3 which I was using and I'd noticed how on NDT and the original T3 only I had no headaches. However one of my T3 doses is currently from mexico and is cytomel and I've noticed an increase in headaches again since introducing it.

Has anyone else noticed something similar and can anyone suggest any other brands and how to source them please? Thank you as ever.

Recommendation where to source T3 via private messages please in line with posting guideline #22, thank you.

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Correction, called cytomel on the invoice but actually cynomel


Hi Sulamaye

I have only recently started taking cytomel/cynomel from Mexico and am having daily headaches. I suffer from migraines anyway, though these days don't usually get them too frequently. Though, headaches are bad at moment. Don't know if its the cytomel, or the eutirox, which am also taking until the run out, and then will try a different brand as I know that synthroid (eutirox) is not agreeing. I also have Uk thyroxine and liothyronine which I get on prescription, but as I am not prescribed enough, I am topping it up myself. Am getting nasty headaches, on waking, but it could be a combination of things that are causing them


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