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Hashimoto Blood Results

Hi everyone

These are some of the blood results for my friend who has Hashimotos and Coeliac Disease. She asked me to post them as she is unfamiliar with the forums and is feeling low.

She is also currently diagnosed with Fibromalgia and mild depression. She says her weight is hard to control although she does not eat big quantities, which seems to indicate hypothyroidism...she also has type 1 diabetes...

These figures are taken from a very detailed hospital blood report but I cannot find the results for Vitamin B12, Folate or Vitamin D. I tried looking up the medical names but any suggestions would help. (I can also post the files, too).

She told me that when she was first diagnosed about 2 or 3 years ago, her B12 was so low that she had to have injections. She's not taking any supplements at the moment, either and is following a gluten free diet with little red meat.

These results are from Germany so some of the abbreviations may differ.

TSH 1.37 mU/I (0.4 - 4.9)

FT3 3.0 pg/ml (1.7 - 3.7)

FT4 1.1 ng/dl (0.7 - 1.5)

Thyroid Peroxidase AK(TPO) 15+ IU/ml (-<6)

Thyroglobulin AK(TAK) 4+ IU/ml (-4.1)

Ferritin 78 ng/ml (5 - 200)

Any feedback and suggestions on these figures would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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Here are the missing frees which have just been sent:

Vitamin B12 434 pg/ml (190 - 880)

Folate 13.3 ng/ml (>3.1)

1.25-di-OH-Vitamin D 42.6 pg/ml (20 - 62)


Nadine, your friend's results don't suggest hypothyroidism. Her TSH is comfortably within range and her FT4 and FT3 look good. It looks like she has autoimmune thyroid antibodies (Hashimoto's) but they are low and wouldn't be classed as positive in the UK ranges. Her g-f diet may help reduce them. Maybe repeat the tests in 12 months.

Ferritin is in the optimal range 70-90. Most here supplement B12 if it is under 500 to get it towards the top of range. Folate looks fine. VitD looks fine but ultraviolet light in the northern hemisphere Oct-Apr is too low to stimulate vitD so she may want to supplement 1,000iu vitD3 softgel capsules to maintain levels until April.


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