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Thank you!

I am at the start of my journey to wellness after being Hypothyroid for over 15 years, and just wanted to thank everyone on this site for your support, concern and assistance.

Just over a month ago I was in the depths of despiar and had resigned myself to feeling like a half dead slug for the rest of my life, then I found this site...

I am now in control of my own health and wellness and although only at the beginning of my journey, feel a damn sight better than I did when I first came on here. Plus, I am now determined to get back to the "old me" not just for my sake but for my family and friends.

It would be wrong to single out one person as so many have helped - even by me just reading their experiences, but I wanted to particularly thank those who have taken the time to respond to me or private message me. You make me feeli like I am not alone, and me and my family THANK YOU!!

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I'm so pleased that you're improving and that your family are supporting you.


Well done girl. I understand so well. X x x


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