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Just wanted to thank everyone so very much for their support and kind words, it means a great deal to have no idea!  I don't have much support around me living alone.  The few that are around me don't know what to say or do to help because they don't understand so it makes dealing with this illness even more difficult for me, it's a very lonely road.

Thank you all again, I am deeply grateful and you have ALL given me a little hope and boost that I can fight on just a little longer

Love you all xxxx


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  • Ah bless, steady on, you'll have us reaching for the tissues. 

    Those of us just preparing to go to work to chair a board meeting were once newly diagnosed, scared, bewildered and alone. 

    It's a manageable condition. It's not always easy and there are bumps and blips, but we're all here for you, rooting for you to find your ideal medication and diet that keeps you happy and healthy. 

    As I sit here with my glten free museli with almond milk and 32 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other supplements trying to work out if there's anything else I could do to feel just a bit better. I can remember the dark days, the five months in bed, the stupid doctor telling me it was in my head. Seems like a lifetime ago now, but I wouldn't have got through it without this forum.

    Good luck

  • Thanks Jenfer, big hug to you also. I've had a look at your profile and results and note that you're working with a nutritionist.  So just an observation on your results.  Your Vitamin B12 is high.  This can also mean that it isn't actually getting the job done inside the cell.  Perhaps bounce the idea of an organic acid test off your nutritionist.  I've done one from Great Plains Laboratory and it has proved its worth to me that I'm also going to do the GPL-SNP1000DNA sequencing profile test to dovetail into it.  They also got really good podcasts explaining it.

    Best Wishes on your journey back to full health.


  • Stopped working with her as useless

  • Lovely message Jennie xx

  • I'm so pleased you are feeling a little more positive..lots of love to you and hope things start to improve for you soon xx

  • Thanks Jennie.

    Things will get better xx

  • The help that I get on this site is certainly better than I get from my own kin. All i get from them is why dont u just listen to your doctor? Youre not a doc so who are u to challenge them. But theyre the kind of people that usually let their problems hit rock bottom before they do anything about them. I

  • Yes, agree, this place is AMAZING.  I wish it was around 20 years ago & I wouldn't have lost so many years.  Bless you all x

  • Oh my goodness yes marigold22 me too!! thank god for this site! X

  • Hope you feel better soon Jenny xx

  • Feeling very poorly again today mentally and physically, its really getting the better of me now. I just want to go now and be done with it :(  :(

  • Jennie;

    Look how up and down you are. This is your condition. You will get better but it's a tough slog. We all feel for you and many of us were once where you are now - Tigger one minute Eeyore the next. Please be kind to yourself and take things slow. Don't be 'done with it'. Life is often  beautiful and always precious and I don't know if there's anything after it's done. Treasure your life as we all do.

    Keep talking to us if you feel poorly ( sorry I have an appointment this afternoon - but I'm one of many...) This will pass. Forge on. Find something to do that will take your mind off your thoughts. Do whatever it takes - sleep, talk to the Samaritans, research vitamins and minerals that may help, read through posts here - to start your journey onwards. Only you can do this, no matter how many people you have to support you, online and in the real world. Do it.


  • Am so frightened

  • Jefner look at how you opened this post.  How positive you were at midnight.  You know from experience that these feelings will pass.  You only have to hang on.  Remind yourself - it is only your hormones, it is NOT you.  Tell yourself that no itty bitty hormone is going to remain in control and YOU are not going to be beaten.

    Have you seen that card/poster that did the rounds a few years ago, the one of a little kitten looking in a mirror but the reflection is a great big lion?  Well you might feel like the kitten being trampled upon right now but there is a lion in there that is strong enough to cope.  Look for it, find it and bring it to the fore.

    Not much longer and these feelings will be gone.  Hang in there 👍

  • I'm with you on living with under active thyroid (hashimotos) and living alone. Also that its up and down. At the moment I'm down, I have no energy and everything I do I'm literally forcing myself to do. Could actually just curl up in bed. But at 71 I dont want to waste my precious time.  When I see my son and family and I try to tell them about this exhaustion they just dont take it seriously and how it affects my life. Am being treated with 75 micrograms levothyroxine and a daily vitamin D. Have blood tests regularly with the GP. He reckons I'm fine - I'm not!  I also dont have a lot of money to buy vitamins. I think I should be taking another supplement along with Vitamin D to make sure it gets into my system. (cant think of the technical term - got terrible brain fog!  Also does it matter what brand of vitamin you buy?  Anyone help me here please?  Thank you.  Sheila

  • k2 but if you do a google search you will find lots of foods that contain k2.  You will also find a limited number (like fish oil) that contain vitamin d that may be a cheaper option for you.

  • That private therapist i saw last night told me to double my seroxat from 20 to 40mg and think that jump has made me feel extra ill. Rang her and she just said to phone the crisis team. I was expecting weekly therapy sessions with her after the assessment not every few weeks. I am disgusted. 

    Feeling there is no hope now and awful suicide thoughts again because i feel so ill

  • How are you feeling today Jennie? I hope you are feeling better. My thoughts and prayers are with you xxxxxxx


  • this post may also help you (and your GP/endo) to understand why your levels of T3 might need adjusting.

  • Hi Jennie, I too live alone with my Hashi symptoms, the exhaustion being the worst at the moment but if I ever tell anyone how tired I feel its just dismissed and they'll say they are too. But I just dont think they realise JUST how tired I feel so that even after 10 hours sleep, I literally have to drag myself out of bed. Am waiting to see my GP but he is so popular it takes weeks. I think I read on here that one lady got this illness after having her second child. I think I got it too after the birth of my son, my only child. Anyone know why childbirth would cause this? Thank you in advance.

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